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Home and Away’s Sarah Roberts spills on a possible return


SARAH ROBERTS: Yeah, I’d love to go back to “Home and Away.” I loved my time there. You know, if the storyline’s right for Willow and for me at the time, of course, I’d love to. Like I said before, I became so close with everyone, and they became like a family. So, I mean, yeah, being on that show feels like a holiday, too, because you just get to hang out with all your favorite people and– to work every day. Yeah, I would love to do that. I loved my time on “Home and Away.”

Something that I really loved about working on “Home and Away” was that I was a bad girl, and I was still Sri Lankan, but it wasn’t rammed down anyone’s throat that I– you know, was a doctor, for instance, and an Indian. It didn’t have anything to do with my profession or my personality, and it was also great to bring– I remember on “Home and Away,” my father sang a Sri Lankan lullaby to me when I was on my deathbed, actually. That’s very dramatic.

But it’s beautiful to integrate culture like that into– onto screens in Australia. Because you look around on Australian streets, and people come from all over the world. And that’s what’s so beautiful about Australia, I think, as well.

I keep in touch with all of them. Sophie and Patty, I went and stayed with them recently. We had a little sleepover. I babysat their dog while they were in the UK. Who else? Courtney Miller, she’s coming to the premiere on Thursday, and so is– so is Soph, actually.


And then a lot of the crew as well, I grew really close to the crew. A lot of makeup artists my really close friends now. I see a lot of the, you know, crew that used to work on “Home and Away” on other sets that I work on, which is always nice.

[? Sammy ?] is such a beautiful friend of mine. She’s one of my best friends, and she’s always been there for me, and I’ve always been there for her. And I miss her a lot because she’s living down in Melbourne now.

Whenever I have something on or she has something on, we always make sure that we’re there for each other. And she’s just– she’s just the bestest friend.

And last but not least, Zoe Ventoura, she’s a really close friend of mine, and we see each other all the time, and she lives up the street, too.


I’ve got a few outrageous storylines. Look, I remember being locked in the car boot– locked in a car boot with Jimmy. And I’d first did– that was when we’d first met, so we weren’t together yet. And we filmed it in a real car boot. And I’m claustrophobic, and I hadn’t told anyone that yet, so that was quite challenging for me.

[LAUGHS] Yeah, that was a fun scene, and it’s quite– it’s something that’s never happened to me before in real life. I think it’s quite outrageous.

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