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Why Britney Spears was forced to cancel Home and Away role that almost happened


Britney Spears is most known for being a singer-songwriter and all-around pop queen, but did you know that she came dangerously close to making an appearance on the Australian serial opera Home and Away?

Britney has established herself in the music industry with hits like Hit Me Baby One More Time and Gimme More, but she almost pursued a career in acting instead.

It turns out that back in 2001, when the celebrity was living in Australia, Britney showed interest in appearing on the programme, but something prevented her wish from coming true.

Britney Spears wants to come on Home and Away; does anyone object?, our producer called a cast meeting, Christie, who portrayed Kirsty Sutherland, revealed on the Hobart’s Hit radio show with Dan and Christie.


along comes Ray Meagher.

One individual thought, “Oh…probably not a great idea,” Christie recalled.

Ray was that. He was aware that it would shatter the show’s illusion.

Yes, we are equally clueless as to what he means.


Of course, Ray Meagher is best remembered for his role as Alf Stewart in the Oz serial opera.

Even though Ray is something of a legend, we think it’s toxic that Britney never made an appearance on the show.

She didn’t do it again, oops.

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