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Inside Jodi Gordon’s redemption: How the Home and Away star is staying sober and single after going to rehab for alcohol addiction following a string of bad romances


Jodi Gordon is starting a new chapter of wellness and sobriety after putting her demons to rest.

The 37-year-old Home and Away star, who spent 30 days in rehab earlier this year for alcohol addiction, is now on the road to recovery after adopting a better lifestyle, giving up alcohol, and remaining single.

At the introduction of Life Botanics’ new vitamin line in Sydney on Tuesday, Jodi exclusively told Daily Mail Australia, “Life isn’t always great, you go through your ups and downs.”

“This year, I’ve made some significant changes. Therefore, it has been a struggle to get to this point in my life where I’m making adjustments and really taking the time to invest in myself,’ she continued.


Celebrity ambassador for Life Botanics Jodi stated she has recently made beneficial changes, such as adhering to a routine for exercising, meditating, and watching what she eats.

“I’m making changes where I want to build a decent life for myself.” taking care of my health and wellbeing. Simply looking at my needs and what will help me get through the day when I wake up in the morning, she said.

Her newfound sobriety, though, is the most significant difference.

“Stop drinking. Jodi, who had previously referred to alcohol as her “poison,” stated, “I don’t drink.


Jodi underwent “immersion therapy” earlier this year at The Sydney Retreat in Stanmore, an alcoholism treatment facility where patients can enrol in a “30-day recovery programme” for $8,800.

After a contentious breakup with investment banker Sebastian Blackler, she checked herself in.

The ex-couples are currently bound by court-ordered AVOs that prevent them from getting in touch with one another until April 2024.

Over the years, Jodi has experienced a number of failed relationships, including those with the Channel Seven heir Ryan Stokes, businessman Aidan Walsh, and a lawyer only known as Cedric.


Additionally, she dated infamous real estate agent Warren Ginsberg in 2016, years before he was found guilty of narcotics use and sentenced to prison last year.

Jodi said that she is now single and intends to remain so for the time being when asked about her romantic life by Daily Mail Australia.

I talk about health and wellbeing and things like that, and part of it is taking care of myself. There’s nothing going [in my love life], she said. Making adjustments for myself entails putting my needs first and excluding everyone else. So there is absolutely no time for that.

Giving back to myself and ensuring that I’m in a good place, Jodi continued. I can’t invite anyone else into my life until I’m in the appropriate frame of mind.

With her modelling and acting careers as well as her off-screen scandals, the soap actress has hardly ever been out of the news throughout the years.

Jodi thanked Life Botanics for standing by her despite unfavourable press, praising the company’s owner Jimmy Seervai for his “loyalty,” when talking about her public image.


Life Botanics has been tremendously helpful. The other day, Jimmy and I were talking, and he stated to me, “We have faith in you. Since the very first day we met, we have had faith in you. We adore you for who you are, “The contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia said.

That is very important to me, and that is how a partnership should operate—you support one another. And I believe that in today’s world, loyalty still has value. Additionally, there is trust in that relationship, she added.

Jodi teamed with Life Botanics at the beginning of the year and uses the company’s marine collagen powder and hyaluronic acid capsules to moisturise her skin and encourage the growth of her hair and nails.

Coles and Amazon both carry the Life Botanics collection of vitamins for digestion and hair care. The business is Australian-owned and manufactured in rural NSW.

Jodi, who is most known for portraying Elly Conway on Neighbours from 2016 to 2020, previously wed Braith Anasta, a 40-year-old rugby league football player, from 2012 to 2015.

She and Anasta are parents to eight-year-old Aleeia.

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