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Who is Lincoln Younes dating?


Ever since he first appeared on TV in 2011 as Casey Braxton, the bad boy of Home and Away, Lincoln Younes has been winning people over in Australia.

He did, however, shatter the hearts of fans of Home and Away when he left the soap opera in 2014, taking Heath and Brax with him, to feature in the drama series Love Child on Channel Nine.

His performances in the films The Last King of the Cross and, most recently, CAUGH*T, which was released in September 2023, have contributed to his increasing success in the entertainment sector.

Lincoln maintains a low profile despite his fame, particularly when it comes to his sexual relationships.


Lincoln Younes is dating who?
The actor has not publicly acknowledged anything, although he has been associated with Courtney Clarke, his co-star in Last King of the Cross, since at least April 2023, when the two were seen holding hands in photos.

Six months later, they showed up together at a GQ Australia event, presumably marking their official coupling debut.

The couple was most recently photographed playing in the surf in Sydney’s eastern suburbs in April 2024.

Before this relationship, our sister site Woman’s Day wondered in 2017 when the actress was spotted in Bondi on a beach with fellow actress Melinda Vilder.


Prior to it, Lincoln’s five-year relationship with Amy Ruffle was the only one he had publicly acknowledged.

The couple is thought to have split up in 2016 or 2017 when followers noticed they had stopped following one other and had erased all of their joint images.

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