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Watch out! Home and Away’s Ray Meagher is a prankster on set according to co-star Emily Symons


The star of Home and Away, Emily Symons, has recalled the practical jokes that her coworker and “close friend,” Ray Meagher, used to play on her when they were shooting.
The actor Ray Nicodemou, who portrays Australian icon Alf Stewart on the television show Home and Away, disclosed to fans that he enjoyed playing practical jokes during an episode of the Channel Seven series This Is Your Life with guests Emily and Ada.

“I used to say, “Oh, Mr. Stewart, you know, and” when I used to work with Ray many years ago in the local business when you had that shop. I may not have known my lines very well that day because I used to leave tiny cheat notes everywhere, such as putting a line through the Mars bars before coming over here and putting it in the register “Emily admitted it.
And he used to steal all of my cheat sheets as he went about.
She admitted that after collecting her covert cheat sheets, Ray would frequently appear to be quite impressed and smug with himself.
Despite Ray’s small mischief, Emily insisted that “he’s a delight” and “a very dear buddy” to the television show cast and staff.

Ray wanted to think back after Emily, who plays Marilyn Chambers, spoke about her own set memories.
“I suppose you could say that Emily and I go way back because the dirt is being spilled. We’ve been buddies for a very long time. I’ve actually attended each of your weddings, “Everyone laughed.
It’s no secret that Emily has been married twice, but her charming hairdresser persona has actually been married four times.

She replied, “Well, I can’t say the same about yours. “Given that you already had that secret one, but He has, indeed.
“We have experienced marriages, births, and deaths. all of it. Yes, “Finally, she said.
Ray confessed his passion for the cast and crew was the reason he stayed on the show for the preceding 34 years in an exclusive interview with TV WEEK.
I hadn’t spent much time at home recently, and I remember thinking, “Jeez, it’s wonderful to be in my own bed again.”
But the core cast of Home And Away—some of them are still around—was just terrific.”


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