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The relationship between home and Away’s Justin and Leah faces problems in 2021.


Home and Away’s Justin Morgan starts his back tumour care in UK next week and he and Leah will face some interaction issues. Home and Away’s

Justin has the heat, so Leah agrees to take his day off work to support him after his first round of radiotherapy. That makes him fuck her and says that he doesn’t want her to give up her life for him.

He admits to John Palmer who himself had a stroke, that if he still had to rely on Leah he felt he would be less of a man. Nonetheless, he thinks he wants a candlelight dinner to make Leah up for trouble.

Will they find a compromise and sustain their relationship in a tough time or will Justin let his neuroses get better and drive Leah away? As the episodes have already screened, Australian visitors will know.


Recently, actress Sophie Dillman spoke about the “backlash” of Ziggy Astoni and the split of Dean Thompson in her talk about ties between home and abroad.

She said to TV Week: “We got some fan backlash when we fell, but this means that we were very well positioned to express that story.

“It was a good talk starter, heart vs brain, about right vs. wrong. But Ziggy and Dean vary significantly from Pat and Sophie! “

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