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Check out how our favourite Home and Away’s star are spending thier holidays from partying and chilling out on beaches

You can also bet that the cast of Home And Away makes the most of their precious time when the end-of-year summer holidays are around.

Of course, Christmas looked quite different this year with the most recent North Beach cluster COVID havocing thousands of family holidays in the region.

Fortunately, before the victorian boarder shut down to NSW, Sam Frost was able to make it to Melbourne with her four brothers and sister.

In the meantime Ethan Brown was able to give his 16 year-old daughter AayLah the biggest Christmas present of all, shocking for much of the year, following COVID constraints.

Taking part in the filming for the famous Channel 7, the official H &A Instagram page was wrapped on December 18th, at the moment: And this is a wrap!!!!!! − Thank you so much for your commitment to the Summer Bay family.

We can’t wait to see you again in 2021 for another major summer bay year!


Together with her son Johnas and boyfriend Adam Rigby, Ada Nicodemou celebrated Christmas Day.

“Merry Christmas,” this nice selfie was entitled by the actor


Sarah Roberts and her niece, Lauren, enjoy a boxing day party.

(Picture: Instagram)


James Stewart and Scout’s daughter have a clear idea of how best to go on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

“Love the vacation!” James mused next to this cute selfie father-daughter. “Love the holidays!”

(Picture: Instagram)

Ethan Brown, who plays the show in Tane, astounded his daughter, Aaylah after almost a year of COVID restriction.

I can’t explain how complicated this stretch was. It can’t be represented or understood. COVID has removed our capacity to fly openly and to be with our loved ones physically. I give all my love and strength to the parents who have been separated from their children for the events of this year and to those who cannot see their loved ones on Christmas.

(Picture: Instagram)

Her wish came true for Christmas! It was only before the Victorian Government shut off the boarders to NSW that Sam Frost could enter Melbourne to be with his family.

(Picture: Instagram)

Meet new members of the family! Her new niece, Phoenix, gives Sam a glass.

(Picture: Instagram)

Aunty Sam has an invaluable time.

(Picture: Instagram)

“Boxing Day Beach Sesh,” this oh-so-summer snap was subtitled by the 31-year-old.

(Picture: Instagram)

Lynne McGranger, who shared this hileous selfie with long-time partner Paul McWaters and their photo-bombing daughter Clancy, comes first with her family.

“Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a much better 2021. Sending love and good cheer from me, @mcsquirta and our special child @clancy.mcwaters,” the actress joked

(Picture: Instagram)

Of course, Johnny Ruffo is not part of the current Home And Away cast technically, but the 32 year old still has a significant proportion of his extended family, so it was only appropriate for us to include this lovely snap of him and his girlfriend Tahnee in matches of Christmas pyjamas.

(Picture: Instagram)

Cameron Daddo, who recently left Home And Away Star

(Picture: Instagram)

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