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The REAL reason behind Chris Hemsworth’s rushed wedding to Elsa Pataky after just three months of dating – as Thor star celebrates his 39th birthday


The union of Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky is one of the most solid in the entertainment industry.

However, some fans might not be aware that the couple wed three months after going public with their relationship in 2010.

The Thor actor Chris, who turned 39 on Thursday, hasn’t been afraid to talk about his hurried wedding, telling Good Morning Britain in 2016 that it was a last-minute choice.

When asked how quickly his relationship with Spanish actress Elsa, 46, developed, Chris responded, “It did happen quickly and it simply seemed right, it made sense.”


Early in 2010, the former Home And Away actor began seeing Spanish actress Elsa, with whom he later got married in a low-key wedding in December.

To be honest, there wasn’t much of a plan behind any of it. While on vacation, we thought, “Why don’t we get married too?” then the following minute… It all worked well, but there certainly should have been more forethought,” he reflected.

“Honestly, we just happened to have both of our families on vacation at the same time and decided it would be a wonderful occasion to do it while everyone was together.”

India, 10, and the twin boys Sasha and Tristan, both 8 years old, make up the family of three that Chris and Elsa now share.


The family lives in Broken Head, a suburb of Byron Bay, in a $30 million house.

Elsa revealed the surprising factor that kept her marriage together last year: laughter.

The attractive woman from Madrid claimed in an interview with Hola! magazine that her husband had a talent for ending arguments with humour.

We like doing the same things, and Chris has a terrific sense of humour and is skilled at making things less painful, she said.


When I’m upset, he offers a joke to lighten the atmosphere or always makes the kids and I laugh. Humor is really important. I love sharing a laugh with him the most.

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