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The Neighbours storyline they desperately want you to forget: Shocking early ’90s plot saw Chinese family on Ramsay Street accused of eating the Robinsons’ DOG


A disturbing Neighbours storyline in which a Chinese family on Ramsay Street was charged with eating a dog has resurfaced in footage.

Julie Martin, Jim Robinson’s daughter (played by Julie Mullins), accuses the Lim family of eating her missing dog in the unusual film, which has gathered popularity on YouTube since the series finale last week.

Julie remarks, “That kind of stuff, Mrs. Lim, could be acceptable in your nation, but in Australia we consider it barbarous.”

an alarmed You suppose we ate her, Jenny Lim replies. You feel like this about us. How dare you make such a suggestion. Never have I felt so offended.


After the Neighbours season finale on Thursday night, the brief plotline that depicted suburban prejudices against Asian Australians in the early 1990s reappeared.

The final instalment of the long-running series, which debuted in 1985, aired on Thursday in Australia and on Friday in the UK.

The fictitious Melbourne, Victoria neighbourhood of Erinsborough, located on Ramsay Street, will now be razed, it has been revealed.

‘We are advised by Fremantle Media that the sets will be destroyed and that the area will be utilised for their next project, whatever that may be,’ said Terry Smit of Go West, the group in charge of organising the official Neighbours tour, to the Daily Star.


The tour will end because there is nothing left for us to tour due to the sets being disassembled, Mr. Smit stated.

Although Ramsay Street is a genuine street where regular people live, Erinsborough is a made-up town, according to the tour’s website.

After 37 years, the popular Australian soap opera ended last week.

People like Margot Robbie, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, and Kylie Minogue came back to say goodbye to the programme that helped launch their careers in show business.


The wedding of Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), who finally found his happily ever after, was the main event of the finale.

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