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Home and Away star Matt Evans addresses change in fan reactions to Theo


Theo’s changing fan response has been addressed by Home and Away actor Matt Evans.

In the soap, Justin makes up information to suggest that Theo cheated on his mechanics coursework.

Theo is told he can take an exam to demonstrate his ability in order to avoid being expelled, but he worries he won’t be able to handle the pressure.

Actor Matt Evans discussed how opinions of Theo have evolved among fans since he first arrived in the Bay in the following way with Digital Spy: “They’ve switched from disliking to liking him.


“I think the public’s opinion of Theo has completely changed. People assumed he was a cocky young child when he first arrived because of his ego and his outward appearance, but there was undoubtedly more to him than that.

“He was able to resolve his issues, and I believe that his supporters can now relate to him. People can now understand him since his cheeky side is a little more cute than naughty.”

When asked if the idea was always to make the character more likeable after his troublesome beginnings, Evans responded: “Yeah, for me personally! There were times when I found it difficult to play some of the games I needed to because I felt like such a mischievous child, which is so unlike me.

“I tried to soften him while still retaining his cheeky, enjoyable, and sardonic side, and I believe I was successful. It obviously depends on the plot and the experiences he has, but I still want to be able to maintain the cheeky, jovial part of him that I still think he possesses at the moment.


“Theo is still quite cheeky around Justin, which I think to be a fun dynamic and it works really well, so being around Justin really helps. However, I did have a plan, so yes.”

Evans continued by stating that Theo finds it “impossible” to understand that Justin is accusing him of infidelity since it is “one of those shock moments.”

“He feels like his dad has accused him of something constantly throughout his life, so this is simply another instance where he feels accused even though he hasn’t broken any laws, which is the case in this instance. He believes it has been spoken before.

“He probably just puts the blame on Justin as usual. Leah never gets in trouble; after all, she’s the kind aunt he’s always been fond of!


“Theo is really irritated because Justin wanted to get involved and complete the work for him, but Theo was content to complete it on his own. When he first learns, it just seems like a huge slap in the face.”

When asked if he appreciated playing his character in these sequences in a different light, Evans responded: “Absolutely. I really appreciate the challenge of being able to portray many colours in acting, and I really like showcasing different facets of Theo. He has a deeper character than most people realise and a lot more depth.”

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