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Stefan Dennis defends Channel 5 over Neighbours axe: ‘No business is going to hang onto that’


Stefan Dennis, a living legend of Neighbours, defended Channel 5 following their startling decision to cancel the Australian soap opera.

Neighbours was taken off the schedule by Channel 5 so they could concentrate on UK-made shows.

The final episode of the soap will run this Friday after Fremantle Media, the production firm that created it, tried desperately to find a new home.

Ben Frow, the head of Channel 5, acknowledged that continuing to produce the show for a UK audience was an option, but he went on to explain that he chose to spend the money on “UK shows,” which he argues is a better use of the budget.


He told Radio Times, “Or I could spend the money on other things, which is what I opted to do.” “I can spend the Neighbours money better on UK shows,” you say.

Despite the contentious choice, Paul Robinson actor Stefan Dennis was adamant that Channel 5 wasn’t a negative organisation:

Literally, it’s a business choice. It’s important for people to understand that the issue is not simply that Channel 5 no longer enjoys it or that its ratings are declining. He said to Digital Spy, “I mean, if anything, the ratings are up.

“It’s just a commercial choice, and that’s what happens in business,” the speaker said. In business, that occurs every single day. A programme won’t stay in business if it can’t generate enough revenue to cover its expenses. How emotive is irrelevant.


I believe that both Channel 5 and [Australian network] Channel 10 hung on for as long as they possibly could, he continued. By the end, Channel 5 was clinging to it by the fingernails.

They were rather upset, I must say. Although they were the ones who made the decision, Channel 5 was actually the good person because they had just backed this show so strongly, despite the fact that they were painted as the evil men.

He continued, “The only tiny piece I can offer you is, it’s not going to be sad,” hinting at the show’s conclusion. It’s going to be quite joyful. The final episode of Neighbours will be a true stunner. It’s going to conclude on a positive note. Personally, I think that’s what the show merits. It’s terrible enough that it was shortened; let’s make everyone feel really good about the show and everything it’s accomplished over over forty years by giving it the proper finale.

Recently, Neighbours revealed the return of even more well-known figures, including Margot Robbie from Hollywood.


This Friday’s hour-long finale will also feature appearances by Delta Goodrem (Nina Tucker), Kym Valentine (Libby Kennedy), Carla Bonner (Steph Scully), Jesse Spencer (Billy Kennedy), and many other well-known actors.

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