Monday, November 20, 2023

Neighbours confirms Ned Willis’s exit details as Ben Hall bows out


The final scenes of Ned Willis will run next week, according to Neighbours.

Ben Hall has bowed out of the soap after nearing the end of his contract, as Digital Spy exclusively revealed in March.

Following the dramatic conclusion of his love triangle with Amy Greenwood and Harlow Robinson, Ned has decided to leave.

During Amy’s fashion display at Lassiters, Ned and Harlow’s secret passion is revealed to everyone in this week’s episodes.


Ned remains torn between Harlow and Amy in the aftermath next week.

In order to get some advise, he contacts Roxy Willis. In this episode, Zima Anderson reprises her role as Roxy for a cameo appearance.

After hearing Roxy’s side of the story, Ned concludes it’s too messy to work with either Harlow or Amy.

Ned realises he needs a new start and expresses his intention to leave Erinsborough.


In the last episode, Ned bids farewell to a number of friends and neighbours.

Amy is concerned that she could be pregnant, but when she takes a pregnancy test, it comes out negative.

Before leaving for his new beginning in Sydney, Ned says a passionate goodbye to Amy in a melancholy scenario.

Since 2016, Ben Hall has alternated in the role of Ned. In 2018, he was promoted to a regular member of the cast.


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