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Neighbours star Geoff Paine reveals finale is ‘going to be big’ and teases huge returns: ‘People will audibly shriek!’


Over the years, Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) has been the focal point of numerous Neighbours plots.

The renowned character has pretty much done it everything, from appearing to give distressing medical news to dressing up in a gorilla attire.

The doctor is currently caught up in a massive plotline as he struggles valiantly to earn Jane Harris’ (Annie Jones) love back after keeping a crucial secret from her.

However, Neighbours’ unfortunate demise is quickly approaching after Channel 5 made the contentious decision to remove it from their lineup in favour of “original UK drama,” which the network claims has a “great appeal” for viewers.


This Friday, July 29, the programme concludes in a beautiful manner with an hour-long episode that honours everything Neighbours is, was, and still could’ve been.

Prior to that, though, interviewed some of the show’s stars, including actor Geoff, who reflected on his time in Erinsborough and gave viewers a sneak peek at the dramatic finale.

How do you feel that the final season of Neighbours is approaching?

I believe that people understood that it couldn’t continue indefinitely. As a result, you consider “How are we going to do this?” when you hear [that’s its finale]. The entire team, led by Jason [Herbison], has done a fantastic job of tying everything together, bringing back a few cast members, and finding a way to have a conclusion that will check off many boxes for nostalgia’s sake and a tip of the cap to the folks who made the show what it was.


So the show’s finale is a fitting celebration of its years of success?

Exactly that is it! There will be certain faces that will cause individuals to audibly scream. They are there, my goodness! The other day, as I was speaking with a member of the original cast on set, someone had to cut us off and announce, “It’s time to act!” Over a 30-year period, I caught up with people I hadn’t seen in a long time. It’s wonderful.

How did you feel after reading the conclusion?

It’s kind of oddly been embargoed! They played the tease. There’s little doubt that this episode will be a major one. There will be a big event.


Would you wish to see Clive and Jane together as the show comes to an end? Clive is currently adamant about getting Jane back.

I always hope for a happy ending, but who can predict what will transpire up until the show’s conclusion? Something occurs to jolt people in Neighbours when they become too accustomed to it.

Absolutely! You can never really foresee what will happen because many fans adored Clive and Sheila together and were stunned when Clive and Jane happened.

That is correct! The future? Will Jane be content? Will Clive be content? Numerous factors have the potential to separate them.

Do you have a favourite among the amazing narratives in which you have appeared throughout the years?

What was Clive like in the beginning since there has been such a long time between then and now? He was the mysterious doctor, the guy with the gorilla-gram. To my own kids, I had to explain what a gorilla-gram was. “What are you discussing? Why would humans send messages while posing as gorillas? Because there was no internet, I replied. Emojis couldn’t be sent back then; you had to pay someone to do that kind of work.


My first experience in show business was fantastic. Shot one in a gorilla suit on the first day. I understood that I couldn’t be too serious about myself.

The on-again, off-again interactions with Sheila have been fun for me. Collette is a fantastic actor who is a blast to work with on set. I’ve also liked being able to portray Clive and Jane as the couple that reconnected after all these years with Annie and I. It’s been fun to rekindle that warmth after all this time.

The relationship between Karl and Clive has been entertaining in more recent scenes, especially when we see Karl at Clive’s home.

Funny thing is, I’m never sure if Clive is the person email delivering important, dire, and medical news. But fortunately, the team I work with gives me the freedom to humanise Clive so that he becomes more than just a source of information.

Do you plan to miss playing Clive?

Absolutely, yes. I’m currently acting as a character totally different from Clive in various projects around the world. I enjoy variety and contrast since I’m portraying a laconic man in rural Australia, yet Clive was occasionally an interesting character.

We are aware that Neighbours is coming to an end, but if it were to come back at some point, even in a new form, would you be interested in playing Clive once more?

Sure! Who can predict what the future may hold? These days, we have a tonne of possibilities, including streaming, the internet, and other things. Since the 1980s, when there were just a few networks and limited options, the way we see television has drastically changed. We used to have to work hard just to record a show, and now we can watch practically anything whenever we want.

What’s next for you, and what are your plans after the show?

At a university, I work. I frequently train and facilitate, utilising my acting skills to help others deal with behavioural science, and I collaborate with behavioural scientists. Since I am on the local council, I am the one who reads a lot of information regarding planning applications! I also work in theatre on occasion. I do have other things going on, but I will miss being able to show up with that specific squad on Ramsay Street. As the conclusion draws near, it’s bittersweet.

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