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Spoilers: Home and Away’s Cash betrays Felicity with shock move


Last week on Home and Away, the homecoming of Bob (Rob Mallett) only brought Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) and Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson) closer, and wedding fever seized over the bay.

This week, Cash Newman’s (Nicholas Cartwright) forced family reunion goes awry, a resident plays with fire, and Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) starts preparing a charity event with Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) (Emily Symons).

Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) is busy organising her wedding with Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) but has been plain she doesn’t want her foster father, Gary to attend.

Cash concocts a plot with Gary to restore the siblings’ birth father’s ute as a wedding gift, but doesn’t alert Felicity that their foster father is coming to town.


When Gary and Felicity come face-to-face, the fiery restaurant owner hits out at Cash for scheming behind her back.

According to Nicholas, Cash “hopes he can moderate the situation into something nice because he anticipated Flick would have a bad reaction to Gary.”

Cash is ecstatic to see Gary and to show him Summer Bay. He’s welcome anytime by Cash. Not so much by Felicity.”

Felicity tells Gary that they should present a united front for her brother in private, but she also makes it clear that she is not interested in making amends. Her foster father can see past her tough façade and is determined to keep trying.


In a charming turn of events, Cash discovers a priceless relic of the siblings’ mother—a necklace that vanished years earlier—in their father’s automobile.

It’s odd that Cash should discover his mother’s fortunate necklace at this time. It’s been absent for a very long time. And just as Cash is arranging for a bit of their father to attend Flick’s wedding, a piece of their mother also shows up,” the actor explains.

Xander prepares himself for heartache.
Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) has been loved-up lately, after entering into a hot romance with nurse Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri) (Maleeka Gasbarri).

However, she throws a massive bombshell this week, telling the paramedic that she doesn’t believe in monogamy.


Stacey captures Xander’s attention, and he consents to her demands in order to keep her in his life.

This new development hasn’t made his sister happy, and she is concerned for Xander’s heart. Will he be able to follow her instructions without getting burned, or will he fail?

Roo and Marilyn dive headfirst into a new endeavour.
The vivacious blonde has been unsettled since her daughter Heather (Sofia Nolan) abducted Marilyn and her friends. The waitress fled from shame and had to be persuaded to come back to the bay.

Roo is likewise stuck, unable to carry on tutoring because she was duped by Heather. The couple decide to put their heads together and work on something for the sake of the community.

The closest of friends decide to host a golf tournament after spending hours strategizing. The two plan to host a sizable event where they hope to raise a staggering $40,000 for a nonprofit food truck.

While the two women are quite experienced when it comes to organising and coordinating events in Summer Bay, Roo’s last large event ended in tragedy.


Fans will recall when Anne Sherman, played by Megan Smart, pumped poisoned gas through Salt’s vents, causing complete havoc.

Will their subsequent event be more prosperous?

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