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Slashed tyres, love triangle and shock collapse: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


On Home and Away this week, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is furious to learn that Mackenzie (Emily Weir) has cancelled all of Lyrik’s upcoming performances at Salt. Why has Mackenzie taken a step that could harm the restaurant when it has only recently recovered from its financial difficulties, especially without first consulting her co-owner?

Bree (Juliet Godwin) and Remi (Adam Rowland) have developed a casual acquaintance in the meantime, and spending time with one another is turning out to be surprisingly simple. However, after eating breakfast together, Remi fabricates a story to avoid spending more time with her. When Bree spots him at the beach with another lady, she quickly realises his duplicity. Beyond the lies, Bree is taken aback by how uncomfortable it makes her to watch Remi out on a date. Why is she so concerned?

Here is the schedule for the week starting on Monday, October 31.

Felicity is incensed by Mackenzie’s poor business judgement.


Felicity informs them that they must announce it at Salt during their performance that evening after listening to Lyrik’s most recent music. When the band learns that prominent music journalist Tully Dixon will be there, their excitement only increases. But when Justin says he’s lost them their regular positions at Salt, their joy abruptly comes to an end. When Felicity calls Mackenzie at work and learns that the Lyrik concerts have been postponed, she is incensed since the band is their main source of revenue and the firm would suffer as a result. How could she decide on this without asking her?

After a harsh arrest, Cash discloses he is being probed at work.
Cash’s disposition doesn’t change; he avoids everyone in his vicinity and shows rudeness to the coworkers. Felicity worries about her brother’s behaviour and doesn’t trust Cash’s assurances that he is okay. Eden, who hosts them while they continue their covert affairs, provides Cash with a release for his emotions. When Felicity returns home furious over the postponed Lyrik concerts at Salt, she presses Cash for explanations for his actions. But when Cash snaps that he’s being looked into for using excessive force at work, she’s taken aback.

After observing Remi with another woman, Bree struggles to accept his deception.

After Bree informed the guitarist for Lyrik that she is married, the two are continuing to be friends. After a leisurely breakfast together, Bree asks that they stay in touch. Remi, however, asserts that he must return home to prepare his equipment because he has band practise. Later, Bree spots Remi while strolling along the sand. When another lady dashes into his arms, she stops short in her attempts to scream out to him. Bree questions why she is suddenly uneasy and why it bothers her that Remi is out with someone else.


Eden and Cash get caught in the act by Remi.
Cash has returned to Eden’s apartment after his confrontational meeting with Felicity in which he confessed he is under investigation at work in an effort to forget his problems. This time, Cash isn’t his typical difficult to get self and wants to stay in bed for a bit when they wake up in each other’s arms in the morning. He tempts her into spending a lengthy morning with him in bed, but their morning of passion is cut short when Remi walks in and sees them in the act. Eden asks Remi to keep their relationship a secret, but Remi advises his friend that dating Cash again after their difficult past is not a good choice.

At the garage, Ziggy inhales a toxic solvent and passes out.
Ziggy has been delaying notifying Justin about her pregnancy because she doesn’t want it to interfere with her job. Dean suggests that she speak with her management about her persistent morning sickness. But just as Ziggy is about to tell Justin the news, he gives her a promotion. Ziggy accepts the position while biting her tongue, leaving Dean angry. Ziggy works by herself at the garage that day because she is determined to have it all—be a mother and a promoted mechanic. However, she inhales some chemical solvent as she struggles with waves of sickness, and the room starts to spin. What does her unconsciousness on the floor signify for her health and the wellbeing of her unborn child?

Tane is aware that he wants more from Felicity, but is she on board with him?

Tane gets ready to call for assistance as soon as he sees Ziggy lying on the ground in the garage. When Ziggy finally turns around, she immediately considers having the infant examined. Tane is left in a state of shock. When he realises he needs what Dean and Ziggy have at this point in his life, he takes her to the hospital. He confides in his ex and tells Ziggy that he wants to marry and have a family with Felicity. He just isn’t certain that’s what she wants because in the past she has made it very plain that she doesn’t want to be married.


John starts to believe Heather is being dishonest.
After moving to the Bay, Heather instantly became friends with Roo, but everyone else, particularly John, is still up in the air. Their talk rapidly turned ugly. When Heather learns that John is Marilyn’s ex-husband, she starts to interrogate him and reveals that she knows a lot about Marilyn, including the name of their adopted kid. When John returns to the Surf Club, he searches Heather’s name online because he starts to get the feeling that something isn’t quite right about her. However, Heather herself appears as a shadow at his doorway, and she is able to witness all he is doing.

While everyone is looking at Marilyn, who cut the tyres on John’s car?

When Heather learns that John is searching her up online, she makes a commotion in the Surf Club and demands that he leave her alone. She later runs into Marilyn and tells her that if John doesn’t stop bugging her, she’ll leave the Bay. Marilyn confronts John and issues him a directive to remain out of her affairs and stay away from Heather in an effort to keep her daughter close by.

When John returns to the parking lot that evening, he finds his tyres have been cut. Has Marilyn’s use of criminal behaviour made her point clear?

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