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Home and Away spoilers: Ziggy and Remi are discovered in an abandoned shack


Recently, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) decided to locate Remi (Adam Rowland), a member of the Lyrik band, a vehicle so they could travel to concerts farther away. They agree that he will quit flirting with her in front of Dean (Patrick O’Connor) if Ziggy helps him out.

Remi can’t help but appreciate spending some alone time with her as Ziggy takes him to meet a man who is selling a van that is within his price range. Although Ziggy is dissatisfied and claims that this is just business, she finds Remi’s ability to always be upbeat amusing.

Dean tries unsuccessfully to communicate with Ziggy in the meanwhile. He interrogates Mackenzie (Emily Weir) for information since he believes she is hiding information from him. However, Mackenzie asserts that he and Ziggy must resolve their own problems in a mature manner.

When Ziggy eventually answers the phone, Dean, she sounds preoccupied. Dean catches her out on lying when she mentions the customer Justin (James Stewart) sent her to visit. Before they can continue, Ziggy hangs up when he asks her where she is.


When Mackenzie notices that Dean’s anxiousness has reached new heights, she spills the beans and lets him in on the secret: Ziggy is out looking for a van with Remi.

When it becomes late and they aren’t home, Dean’s rage transforms into worry. He contacts each of the van leads till one doesn’t answer while playing detective by looking into Ziggy’s web history.

When he arrives at the destination via car, he notices an empty shed on the rural property. Ziggy and Remi are together when he opens the door and sees them. What does this indicate about their marriage?

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