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Six major Neighbours spoilers include Ned’s suspicions, an intervention, and Brent’s imprisonment.

This week on Neighbours, love is in the air, with one pair declaring the L Word and another putting their feelings to the test. It’s not all red roses and heart-shaped balloons, though, especially when one couple is torn apart by the law.

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) finally finds Brent (Texas Watterson), but instead of a joyful reunion, the two are torn apart as Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) bulldozes his way into the teen’s life and threatens to wreck it. How could he have done something so heinous?

Despite their recent difficulties, Levi (Richie Morris) and Bea (Bonnie Anderson) are finally in love. However, while one of them is overjoyed, the other’s thoughts are wandering. What does this imply for them?

Things aren’t looking up for the soon-to-be parents. David (Takaya Honda), Aaron (Matt Wilson), Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) are still fighting, and their baby’s prognosis looks dismal. Until an intervention is staged, that is.

When things with The Hive take an unexpected turn, the mystery surrounding Sheila C (Shareena Clanton) deepens. What exactly is her game?

This week on Neighbours, here’s what to expect.

Ned’s Suspicious

Terese informs Ned that she must report him to Paul for handing Sheila C the financials, which is not good news. He braces himself for Paul’s retaliation, but when Paul maintains his composure, Ned is speechless. He subsequently learns that Sheila has increased her offer for The Hive. But why is that? Something isn’t quite right here.

Harlow’s enormous secret is revealed by Hendrix.

Harlow puts on her detective hat to seek down Brent and discovers he’s been signing on to the Year 13 Portal, allowing her to communicate him. She makes plans to meet him, but it’s becoming difficult because Terese and Mackenzie aren’t letting her out of their sight in an attempt to cheer her up. Hendrix feels something is wrong and offers to cover for her so she can flee, unaware of what he is assisting her with. When she encounters Brent, she expresses her displeasure with him, and she realises she’s in a pickle: should she notify the cops where he is?

She’s in trouble, though, because Hendrix isn’t a dunderhead, and he figures out what she’s been up to, leaving him stunned at what he helped accomplish. She begs him to keep it a secret, but he insists on speaking with Brent first. When he does, he attempts to persuade him to tell the truth for Harlow’s sake.

The letter L

Bea and Levi have reached the next stage of their relationship: they’ve spoken the L word! Levi is ecstatic, utterly enamoured with his lady love. Is she, on the other hand, feeling the same way? Bea is relieved that they’ve gotten back on track, but things are shifting for her. She’s excited about her new podcast and believes she won’t return to mechanics after losing her job at the garage.

An intervention for the four-parent family

For Chloe, Nicolette, Aaron, and David, things are getting a little chilly. Nicolette is still enraged that the men chose Emmett over her, despite the danger his brother has placed her in. They’re also irritated because she issued an ultimatum to them. Things are tense, and who knows what kind of custody battles will erupt if this continues. Jane is the only person who can save them. When she gets back from Mildura, she steps right into the tense situation. Jane arranges an intervention because Aaron and David are terrified about what all of this means for their modern family’s future. Will it be successful?

Who is it that Hendrix desires?

Mackenzie is understandably upset to find that Hendrix has been assisting his ex-girlfriend in her search for her new boyfriend. Mack has a feeling he isn’t completely over Harlow because he has been holding secrets from her. Mackenzie is curious as to what Hendrix desires, or rather, who Hendrix desires. Is he going to pick Mackenzie or Harlow?

Brent’s arrest was unexpected.

Brent understands what he must do; he must do the right thing. Harlow isn’t ready to let him go yet, so he asks for a couple more hours with him before they part. Unfortunately for them, those few hours were the end of him. Paul is in the cop shop ratting on Brent while they are dragging out their goodbye. The next thing the infatuated couple knows, the cops have arrived to take Brent away in handcuffs, leaving Harlow devastated. Is Paul’s bond with his granddaughter forever ruined?

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