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Home and Away Spoilers – Heather trashes Leah and Justin’s house


This week on Australian television’s Home and Away, Tane pops the question to Felicity while Heather turns on John and Leah as her schemes go apart.

This week, Tane (Ethan Browne) makes the decision to ask Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) to marry him, which is a big milestone in their relationship.

Following the bikie gang saga that saw him and Nikau (Kawakawa Reo-Fox) dragged before the courts as part of an undercover police investigation, Tane has recently become philosophical about what he wants out of life. Tane began debating whether owning the gym was more bother than it was worth even though the entire incident was over—at least for the time being.

Tane’s tai aha session with Nik seemed to have given him clarity because he committed not to make any snap decisions, but when he found out that his ex-girlfriend Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) was expecting, he began to consider starting a family.


Earlier this year, when Flick revealed that she didn’t necessarily see herself settling down in the same way as Tane, Tane’s future intentions produced friction between them.

Tane eventually assured Flick that it didn’t matter, despite her concern that her position might be a deal-breaker for their relationship. They must live in the present if his brother Ari’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) passing had taught him anything.

Tane and Flick have since moved in together, and Tane decides it’s time to take a chance to see if Flick will in fact move forward.

When Tane confides in Nik about his plans, Nik is delighted and works with Tane to prepare a special date for Flick at the lighthouse, the location of their first public declaration of love.


Flick first believes that Tane is merely treating her to a treat because she has recently been through her own horrible experience with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

According to Jacqui in an interview with TV Week, “Flick feels Tane is just being extra lovely, because things have been super-tough with Cash,” And because of how preoccupied she is with it all, she doesn’t give it any thought.

Flick, however, is taken aback when Nik and Cash unexpectedly show up, followed by her friends Kirby (Angelina Thomson), Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), Remi (Adam Rowland), and Theo (Matt Evans).

Flick is startled as she realises that Tane is down on one knee as Lyrik begins singing an original love song for the couple.


Can I ask Felicity Newman to be my wife?

Flick is trying to process everything, thus there is stillness. What will be her reaction?

She doesn’t at all anticipate it, Jacqui said. “It comes as a huge shock. The idea of losing someone she loves makes her sick to her stomach. So to commit, in Flick’s opinion, is to accept defeat.

Will Flick be able to get past her apprehension about marriage and accept Tane’s offer?

In other parts of Summer Bay, it appears that Heather’s (Sofia Nolan) schemes are finally coming undone as more locals grow wary of her after spending the previous few weeks carrying out her vengeance against Marilyn (Emily Symons).

After learning that Heather, the newcomer to the bay who first seemed to be after her, was actually her long-lost daughter, Marilyn has been frantically attempting to build a relationship with her.


Marilyn has put on her rose-colored glasses and dismissed Heather’s actions as the result of feeling abandoned by her for so long, despite the fact that she is clearly continuing with her games to the point where even her old friends Alf (Ray Meagher) and Roo (Georgie Parker) have turned against her.

After telling Heather (Shane Withington) that he had once been married to Marilyn, he was surprised when she suddenly became interested in him and mentioned their adopted son Jett (Will McDonald). In the recent weeks, Heather has also communicated with Jett via social media, informing him that adopted children are never a substitute for biological ones. She sent the message via Maz’s account.

The following day, Heather saw John looking for her name online after he told Irene (Lynne McGranger) that he thought Heather might have been the one to send the message. John admitted to Heather that he knew she was playing a prank on Marilyn and that he was out to find out why.

When Heather tells Marilyn that she’s been having problems with John this week, it’s obvious that she’s pushing things up a notch. John is shocked at Marilyn’s abrupt change of heart when she confronts him and orders him to avoid Heather. John also informs Nik that the female he’s seeing may not be what she first appears to be.

Later that day, John discovers that his tyres have been cut, and he quickly makes the connection between the two. When Heather is confronted in the surf club, she claims she has been with Nik the entire day and is totally innocent.

Nik, though, is nearby her. and he is aware of her deceit. Things aren’t adding up, and what John said to him is starting to make sense.

Heather then tells Nik the truth about her relationship with Marilyn after realising there is only one way out.

She breaks down in tears as she sobs about how she only wanted to get to know her mother and how she never imagined everything would turn out so badly. She smiles wryly as Nik soothes Heather, knowing that she has him exactly where she wants him.


Marilyn is astonished when Heather says that she did it for them in response to Marilyn’s inquiry regarding John’s flat tyre. Later, Nik speaks with Marilyn directly, telling her it’s unfair of her to keep Heather a secret.

When Marilyn decides to admit that she cut John’s tyres herself in an effort to make amends with her daughter, people are shocked! Marilyn is happy with Heather’s response, hoping that her sacrifice will bring them closer together.

Since Leah is the only person in whom Marilyn has confided about Heather’s true identity, she tells her the truth about what actually transpired, but Leah then starts to wonder about Heather’s motivations.

Ada told TV Week that there have been a few occasions when she has seemed weird. Leah, though, feels sorry for Marilyn. Leah doesn’t like how Heather has let Marilyn take the responsibility for everything. She is aware of her heavy guilt and feels she must defend Heather.

Heather, though, is upset that Marilyn’s friends appear to swiftly pardon her apparent criminal activities. Is there anything that they can do to turn them against Marilyn, the purported saint?

Leah, who is finally starting to see the light, pays Heather a visit, which only makes Heather angrier.

Ada said, “Leah wants Heather to understand that she’s on to her, that she realises she’s controlling her mother, and that it’s time to quit.”

Indeed, when Leah returns home later, she discovers that Heather has also made her a target. The house is in ruins!

Ada continued, “It scares her a much.” “She recognises Heather is crazy.”

Is Marilyn in danger given that Heather will do whatever it takes to obtain what she wants?

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