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Shots fired in promo for Home and Away’s Mid-Season Return


In a preview for the return of Home and Away at the Commonwealth Games, a fan favourite is left fighting for their life after a police operation goes horribly wrong.

The show, which is taking a pause while the Commonwealth Games are being held in Australia, wrapped up this week with a massive mid-season finale in which Tane (Ethan Browne) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) worked together to take down Tex’s bikie gang.

The programme has been taken off the air for the duration of the games, and because Neighbours just broadcast its final episode ever in Australia, Australian viewers won’t have access to either soap opera until Home and Away returns on Monday, August 8.

A teaser for the drama that will follow the games has been posted by the show in order to generate interest in its upcoming comeback. After gunshots, someone’s life is at stake!


In the latter episodes, Rose approached Tane and inquired about his knowledge about Tex (Lucas Lineham). She recently discovered that her new partner is concealing something, and her suspicions were confirmed when she attempted to follow him on social media but came up empty-handed.

Tane, on the other hand, was worried because Tex hadn’t been seen for days. After Ari stole from them in an armed robbery more than ten years ago, Tex and his gang of bikers are seeking retribution, and they want Tane to pay.

Tane thought the gang was playing a joke on them because they had agreed that this was the week that a job would take place, with Tane utilising Summer Bay Fit to launder the money.

They were sending him a new employee to work at the gym, a “bookkeeper” named Geneveve who would be handling everything to do with the money laundering, which spurred Tex to return to the bay when Tane called for an update.


Tex saw Rose again and seemed just as smitten as before. Rose took advantage of his return to check on his vehicle, finding that it was actually registered to a bikie named Lee Wheeler and not the Tex Wheeler her fling had been pretending to be.

He denied it when she questioned him, acting as though being a biker wasn’t a big thing. He insisted that even though their connection had to be hidden, he had grown to have real feelings for her. Rose kissed him and appeared to be well, but as soon as she knew who Tex was, she went straight to Tane and asked him questions.

Tane eventually revealed to Rose that he is being blackmailed by Tex and his gang of bikers, startling Rose given his history of mistrusting the police.

In the Mid-Season Finale, Tane and Rose collaborated to take out Tex, leaving viewers hanging.


Tane reaffirmed his willingness to use any means necessary to bring Tex and Marty to justice at the police station. He then made his way to the gang’s headquarters, whose location Rose discovered via Tane’s phone history, prepared to carry out their plan.

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), upset at the Parata residence, confided in Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) that she was concerned about Rose and Tane’s conversation and the reason he departed that morning without providing an explanation.

One of the gang’s heavyweights dragged Tane in front of Tex and Marty (Ben Wood) in the last scenes, but the real drama came from the show’s comeback trailer.

The teaser depicts the catastrophic fallout when things go disastrously wrong.

In “Home and Away,” who is shot?

Beginning with a shot of Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

Since learning that Jasmine (Sam Frost) has no plans to return to Summer Bay, the Senior Constable has had his own problems to deal with. He will, however, soon be involved in the Tex drama and, based on appearances, will fare poorly.


Cash, Rose, and an audio expert monitor what goes on inside the warehouse from the back of a police van that is equipped with audio equipment.

They overhear Tane saying, “I didn’t want to get involved in this, but here I am,” to the bikers.

I simply want to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Will Marty think he’s just there to talk business, or will he be dubious of Tane’s ability to find them?

Rose replies, “This wasn’t part of the plan” as the camera pans back to the police car.

Tane and the gang receive an unexpected visitor, which means a lot of things are about to happen that weren’t in Rose’s plan.

Nikau, who has somehow made it to the gang’s warehouse hideout and is hoping to save his brother, yells, “Get off me.”

Tex adds, “Look who it is, your mini-me.” Since Nikau has recently become increasingly upset when Tex calls him “child,” we predict that he will be even less amused by this new moniker.

Tane expresses his displeasure with Nikau’s involvement later in the advertisement, pleading with Marty and reminding him that Nik is “only a kid.”

Nikau is not the only innocent person to become involved in events.

What specifically has Felicity done to land herself in detention, as Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and she converse over the bars at the Yabbie Creek Police Station?

Or is this Cash’s deft means of protecting his sister from harm as they begin their stakeout?

Felicity confesses, “Dean, I’m terrified,” as Dean implores her to divulge all of her knowledge.

Recently, Dean has noticed the conflict between Tex and Nikau, and in typical Dean fashion, he is about to intervene to support his buddies.

More Summer Bay locals realise what is happening when they are back on the beach.

Hey, we’re not about to get into a bikie gang war with the River Boys, are we? John, who is now worried, asks as Dean leaves without responding.


Is it exactly what we will soon witness?

When we return to the gang’s lair, we observe the police swarming the building, the majority of them wearing full riot gear.

The gang, Tane, and Nikau can hear the commotion outside from inside the warehouse.

Why did you do that?

Officers run out in front of some of the gang as they attempt to flee on their motorcycles.

When shots are fired, the true drama starts, and it appears that someone may be hit, according to the promo.

And who?

As Rose pulls out a revolver, Marty raises his hands.

Cash, who is standing behind her and is dressed casually, is also holding a weapon. Is he about to be hosted by his decision to forgo a bulletproof vest?

The two begin making arrests, but when they handcuff Tex, Marty is given the opportunity to flee.

Cash chases after him as we see him scale a wall while only wearing a shirt, boots, and a pair of jeans.

Not the best attire for when bullets are going to fly.

Rose and countless other police officers may then be seen jogging through the woodland.

Are a newbie and a fan favourite of Summer Bay about to become involved? In a rural structure, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Remi, the main guitarist for Lyrik, are imprisoned with the corrugated iron door closed from the outside.

Ziggy yells, “let us out,” as they thrash on the door from the inside.

Is this connected to the drama between Rose, Tane, and Cash, or is there another intriguing plot that will be revealed when Home and Away returns?

A card with the message “A friend will fall” is followed by another image of Cash fleeing. Does he have bad luck?

A picture of Rose standing behind an ambulance as it departs makes one wonder if her errors are to blame.

In the hospital in Yabbie Creek, Flick is upset.

She then expresses her anger. “You caused this!” she screams, pointing in Rose’s direction.

Rose sobs inconsolably in the locker room as she fears Cash, the coworker and the love of her life, won’t make it.

Felicity, who we think to be her brother, replies, “I’ve got you,” in his hospital room while nodding adamantly and fighting back tears.

Will Cash make it?

With the revival of the programme, Juliet Godwin’s Dr. Bree Cameron, a new character, will also be introduced.

Dr. Bree has been characterised as chill, considerate, and caring—oh, and a surfer! Following the recent departure of Logan Bennett, she is joining Northern Districts Hospital as a new physician. Her on-screen appearance shortly after the mid-season return hints she may be involved in Cash’s care.

Bree has a backstory and tale of her own that fans will witness unfold over the next few months. Like many new faces in the Bay, she is more than meets the eye.

On Monday, August 8 at 7 p.m. on Seven, Home and Away will air once more in Australia.

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