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Rosie Morley is a judge on Dream Home and sibling to former Home And Away star


Dr. Chris Brown will serve as the host of Channel Seven’s upcoming restoration series Dream Home, but Rosie Morley, one of the judges, has an intriguing relationship to a well-known Australian actress.

On the competition series, which will premiere on May 26, 2024, Rosie, an award-winning interior designer with over 20 years of expertise, will be a judge with Simon Cohen and Lana Taylor.

“It is a real obligation to design a home in a way that improves the homeowner’s daily life. It’s about interpreting the owners’ lives and incorporating them into their surroundings,” she said to 7News.

Known for her contributions to the business in Australia and the UK, Rosie may be familiar to fans of TV renovation shows like Selling in the City. a Binge reality TV show from 2022 in which designers try to increase the value of certain Australian properties.


Bob Morley, her brother, an actor, gave her some wise counsel at this period.

Bob, age 39, is the eldest among his four siblings.

Bob’s most well-known parts are from Home and Away, Neighbours, Love Me, and The 100, where he met Eliza Taylor, his wife, and fell in love. The couple brought their son Henry into the world in 2022, following a magnificent wedding ceremony in Hawaii in 2019.

In an interview from 2022, Rosie claimed of her nephew, “They’re always sending videos through.”


Bob, age 39, is the eldest among his four siblings.

Rosie talked about how strange it was to see her younger brother appear to be “grown up” in an earlier interview. The interview happened in June 2022, the month his popular television program Love Me received a second season renewal.

“It was similar to Home and Away and Neighbours the last time he worked in Australia.” “I was like ‘Whoa, whoa!’ it was so satisfying to see him come home [from the US] and do a project where he was playing a dad,” she remarked.

Although they don’t often talk about their relationship on social media, in June 2020 Bob posted a picture of himself and another youngster from their childhood on Instagram (above right). Sadly, there is no caption or commentary, so it is unknown who the second child is.


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