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EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away’s Bob and Kirby: “I Want you Back”


For weeks, Kirby and Theo have been ensconced in their little romantic world. But may Bob’s reappearance cause a major explosion?
This week on Home And Away, Kirby’s (Angelina Thomson) ex-boyfriend Bob (Rob Mallet), the former frontman of Lyrik, returns to Summer Bay after learning of the band’s recent success.
To Theo’s (Matt Evans) dismay, there is another purpose for his presence: he wants Kirby back.

Theo doesn’t take Bob’s return to Summer Bay lightly, according to Matt, 26, who speaks to TV WEEK. “Until Bob comes back and potentially takes all that away from him,” the author writes, “he feels like everything is on the right path. He found this girl who loves music, just as he does.
Theo is suspicious of Bob’s motives, but he believes in Kirby and wants to give her time to reconcile with her ex. So when Bob takes Kirby out for a drink, a gracious Theo offers her the opportunity to settle the matter, even though it means missing Lyrik’s radio premiere.
When Bob asks Kirby to meet up, she is at first shocked, according to Angelina. She wants to put the incident behind her, but given how it ended, she is eager to do so.
Although Theo could have predicted this outcome a mile away, Kirby is taken aback when Bob says he still loves her.

She loves Bob very much, and they’ve shared a lot of wonderful moments and memories, according to Angelina. “She is, however, incredibly grateful to be in a happy, fulfilling relationship with Theo right now. There is no way she will discard that.”
After feeling defeated by being pushed aside, Bob switches his focus to Theo. During a heated game of pool, Bob tries to throw Theo by telling him Kirby is only having a fling with him and that she will soon crawl back to him.
Although he is lying, it has an impact.
Theo obviously gives Bob the advantage, and according to Matt, Theo thinks there’s a potential that Kirby will turn to Bob again. “The couple’s shared history is difficult to forget.”

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