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She’s growing up fast! All of James Stewart and lookalike daughter Scout’s sweetest moments together


James Stewart, star of the popular serial opera Home and Away, is a very loving father in addition to his reputation for causing problems as Justin Morgan.
Posting about his daughter Scout, whom he shares with his ex-partner Jessica Marais, is the proud father’s favourite thing to do.
With heartfelt posts to commemorate Scout’s birthdays and first day of school, the actor has never shied away from sharing his daughter’s life milestones with his followers.
To be really honest, we like their sweet relationship.
When Scout appeared as the flower girl at her dad’s wedding to her co-star Sarah Roberts from Home and Away in Ireland in 2019, she stole the show.
In addition, Scout has dabbled in acting; she will star with Summer Bay in the next remake.
“My kid arrived to perform as Annabel Wolf. She was a cast member of great quality. I always appreciate it when a young individual enters the room and puts in a lot of effort and performs admirably. You think, “This is worthwhile.” It’s worth it what we’re doing,” James told TV WEEK.
James revealed that, because to Scout’s love of prince and princess movies, she had been hoping for her dad to ask Sarah to marry him before he bought the ring, prior to their magnificent Irish wedding.

In an interview with WHO Magazine, our sister website, James acknowledged that becoming a father had transformed him into a “better man.”

He declared, “I’m way more protective and caring, kinder, more aware, involved, and passionate about life.” But above all, it has increased my capacity for love.

“I make it a point to tell Scout I love her every night at bedtime. To her, I make sure to say, ‘Daddy loves you.'”


However, Sarah, his girlfriend, has had a significant influence on his parenthood path and has also assisted Scout in transitioning “from a young lady into a young lady.”

“Scout asks Sarah questions that she occasionally doesn’t want to discuss with me right immediately.

“Without Sarah, I couldn’t be the father I am today.”

”Can’t believe my little best friend in 10!” said Scout’s stepmother Sarah Roberts in a heartfelt birthday greeting. Cheers to another ten years of realised ambitions!


In real life, Sarah and Scout are close friends!

James with his niece and twin brother—do they look similar?

James relishes the post-Christmas summer warmth with Scout and his niece!

James celebrated Father’s Day in 2022 by sending Scout this adorable photo.


James sent his daughter girl this adorable photo along with a greeting on her tenth birthday, saying, “Happy 10th Birthday, darling Scout! You’ll always be my little girl.” Three thousand times over, I love you!”

On Mother’s Day, the cute couple surprised Sarah Roberts, James’ wife, with gifts and a fancy dinner.

James, Scout, and Sarah went to a dawn ceremony on Anzac Day, 2022, as a way of honouring our soldiers.

At the 2022 Mardi Gras, James and Scout demonstrated their support for the LGBTQIA+ community!

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