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Home and Away Spoilers – Flick and Mac clash over noisy new arrivals


As four fresh faces make their way to Summer Bay on the upcoming episode of Home and Away in the UK, Flick thinks they might hold the answer to saving Salt. Can you persuade Mac?

As the week draws to a close, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) appears to have run out of alternatives as she decides to list Salt for sale.

While Mac did receive a very substantial offer from a potential investor, she ultimately realised that she couldn’t hand up the majority of authority in her firm to a complete stranger. Despite avoiding jail time for the illegal poker evenings, Mac has been left in more debt than ever.

Employee Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) had an epiphany while helping to put up the “for sale” sign at Salt. She immediately called her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).


Next week, when the action picks back up, Flick tells Cash that she intends to invest Salt with her share of their father’s money. Cash encourages her because it is her money after all, but he also points out that she would need to use every every penny her father left her. Is she sure she wants to take that chance?

Flick is aware that she can contribute to Salt’s turnaround but is displeased when Mac flatly rejects her offer to join Salt as an equal partner, despite his attempts to reassure her that it’s not a personal matter.

Later, when Cash speaks with Mac directly, he informs her of the inheritance and emphasises the fact that Flick’s willingness to contribute demonstrates her sincere belief that, if Mac would only give her the opportunity, they might save the company together.

Having lost all of her own money, Mac calls Flick back to Salt and apologises for shutting her down; she was just being cautious and didn’t want the same thing to happen to Flick.


But after giving it some thinking, Mac informs Flick that she’s willing to take her up on it. She advises Flick to give it some thought, but Mac is unable to complete her thought before Flick answers yes! The two toast their new collaboration with Cash and Tane (Ethan Browne).

After spending a few days in the city to finalise Flick’s co-ownership later in the week, Flick and Tane are (naturally) in bed when they hear an odd noise coming from outside.

Tane believes he is dreaming, but when they hear it again, they realise it is music.

A shocking realisation dawns on Flick as she listens, and she runs outdoors to discover an impromptu performance taking place at the end of their driveway!


Flick really spent some time with her city buddies from Lyrik while she was down there the previous night.

Even though Flick had invited them to stop over if they were ever in the area, she never anticipated that it would be the very following day!

When Tane later arrives home from work and discovers the band has totally taken over his living room because Flick had invited them to stay the night, he is shocked. Flick had just explained everything to a perplexed Tane and introduced them.

Flick, meantime, is already finding it challenging to collaborate with Mac on an equal basis as her recommendations for a renovation are consistently being rejected.

When Lyrik shows up, Flick gets an idea. She tells Mac about the band and says she wants a band night at Salt so they can help the ailing restaurant.

Mac appears to be unimpressed. Does the new collaboration have a bad future?


Who are the Lyrik?

The band is made up of longtime city friends who Flick first met when they played as the house band at the pub she worked at about four years ago.

Lead singer of Lyrik, Bob Forsyth (Rob Mallett), has lofty goals for the group. Even though he’s delighted to see Flick in Summer Bay, Bob doesn’t believe the sluggish community deserves their music, and it soon becomes clear that Bob’s attitude is leading to some conflict in the band.

With the Australian publication TV Week, Rob was able to succinctly sum up his persona: “Bob wants it all; fame, glory, and artistic integrity.”

The keyboardist, Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson), also happens to be Bob’s girlfriend, which surprised Flick. Their relationship can only be characterised as tumultuous, with Kirby frequently caught in the crossfire between Bob and the other band members.

She resembles the water in several ways. TV Week was recounted by Angelina. Wild, ferocious, playful, inventive, effervescent, while also being serene and caring.

Lead guitarist Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) is Eden Fowler’s bassist best friend and persistent tormentor (Stephanie Panozzo).

Adam claimed that Remi Carter embodied the stereotype of an Australian larrikin. Although he likes to party and stir things up, he is devoted to his friends and family.

Stephanie continued, describing her persona as “Eden is a wild youngster, full of fire and pleasure. Her greatest passions are music, her friends, and her family. She is extremely devoted and outspoken.

What has become of Tane?

You might be perplexed as to why Tane suddenly shows up wearing a sling in Monday’s episode since he seemed OK the last time we saw him.

Ethan Browne, an actor, had surgery on his arm as a result of an injury he sustained in January.

Tane only briefly addresses it when Mac asks him what happened, to which he responds, “Oh, it’s nothing,” because it happened so suddenly.

REMEMBER: As on Monday, August 1st, the Channel 5 lunchtime broadcast of Home and Away now airs at 1:45pm.

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