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Home and Away’s Tegan ‘not who she says she is’ as sinister Andrew twist ‘sealed’


Home and Away’s Andrew has bid farewell to Summer Bay after leaving to start a new life with his sister Tegan – but there is every chance his life is at risk once again

Fans of Home and Away have been glued to their televisions ever since Summer Bay’s mystery newcomer, Andrew (Joshua Hewson), arrived.

Following his discovery by James Stewart’s character Justin Morgan in a semi-conscious state, Andrew grew close to both of them and Leah, who provided him with lodging.

After discovering he had been abducted when he was four years old, Andrew wanted to try and locate his true mother, so Theo Poulous (Matt Evans) made a social media post for missing people.


When a woman claiming to be Andrew’s mother appeared soon after, the unhappy teenager couldn’t wait to take his mother out of the bay.

However, when it was discovered that the woman—whose true name was Margot Dafoe—was the head of the doomsday Vita Nova sect, things took a terrible turn.

When Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Justin realised Margot’s real identity, they hurried to save Andrew, almost killing Justin in the process.

Andrew was taken aback when his sister Tegan (Sophia Forrest), who was eager to get to know her brother, showed up in the bay after he had finally moved over his trauma.


Andrew struggled with his choice during Friday’s (September 1) episode after deceiving Justin about his desire to move away with Tegan.

When Justin realised how much Tegan and Andrew suffered from their separation, despite his initial resistance, he finally gave the child permission to live with his sister.

As they said their final goodbyes, Justin fought back tears, believing that he had made the correct decision. But had he?

To reveal Tegan’s true intentions, Daily Star has now put the artificially intelligent “creative” tool Bard AI through its paces.


“It is unclear whether Andrew is safe leaving with his sister Tegan on Home and Away,” the programme stated. Recently added to the show, Tegan is a new character whose intentions are still unclear.

Although she describes herself as Andrew’s half-sister, it’s likely that she is lying and that sending Andrew away serves another purpose.”

It also shared potential endings for Andrew’s story: “Tegan might be a violent individual who is abusing Andrew for her own gain. She may take advantage of him or even hurt him.”

Another said, “Tegan may not be who she claims to be, and the police could look into it and find out.” Andrew might be removed from her and put in foster care.”

The system also acknowledged that Tegan might be exactly who she

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