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‘She caught me!’ Neighbours star refused to be ‘charmed‘ by Queen Mother


Ian Smith, the star of Neighbours, arrived in the UK with plans, but after taking one head-tilted look, he succumbed to the spell just like the rest of us. The Harold Bishop actor described his encounter with the Queen Mother in detail.

Ian Smith, who plays Harold Bishop in the television series Neighbours, was unable to resist the Queen Mother’s charms while visiting the UK.

Before meeting the member of the Royal Family, Ian performed some research on the Australian soap opera.

After seeing the regal figure’s behaviours on television, he made the decision that he wouldn’t allow her win him over.


He had no idea how erroneous his belief that he could ever resist was.

He revealed: “It was a documentary about how the Queen Mother charmed everyone she encountered by speaking to them while tilting her head to the side.

“Oh no, you won’t catch me, madam, I thought. No, I’m much too wary about it.

“We spoke when we first met, and as she turned her head to the side, I thought, “Oh, isn’t she nice?” Oh, shucks. She spotted me. She caught me!


She was simply so endearing, and it was good to hear that she enjoyed the programme.

Ian took some time to reflect on his role in the long-running soap opera as it was nearing to an end and explained why he thought Harold was such a show classic.

When asked what his favourite aspect of playing the Erinsborough resident was, he said: “My dad played a significant role in Harold.

“He was a bumbling individual; I don’t believe he ever said anything with certainty.


“By the time I was through creating him, I realised his personality encompassed a variety of people. Around seven people were crammed into one person.

“I adored him; playing him was so much fun.”

Being a soap opera, of course, meant that there were several stories and character narratives to be a part of. Ian recalled his favourite plot twist from the renowned show.

Both cast members and spectators were horrified by Madge’s passing, and Ian still clearly remembers it from the show.

Additionally, he emphasised his marriage to Madge and related an accident that occurred backstage when the ring wouldn’t fit on his own finger.

I had the worst psoriasis on my hands when the ring was placed on my finger, so they had to use the director’s hands; as a result, my hand wasn’t even used in the scene, he claimed.


This year’s legendary listing was cancelled, and its absence will leave a significant hole for both veteran cast members and newcomers.

“On Neighbours’ final night, I’ll shock everyone. It will truly mark the end of an era “Ian expressed his sorrow over the information.

Neighbors: The Finale airs on Channel 5 on Friday, July 29, at 9 p.m.

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