Friday, March 31, 2023

Sam Frost revealed that she was self-isolating with her three puppies, after shooting the final scenes of Home and Away on Sydney’s northern beaches last week.

After filming Home and Away’s final scenes on Sydney’s northern beaches during a coronavirus outbreak, Sam Frost is put into lockdown.

On Friday, while at home with her three puppies, the 31-year-old actress posted a post on Instagram.

‘In my previous Iso diaries, I mentioned my three friends a fair bit. You can put a face on that name now,’ she wrote.

Eagerly trailing her around her house, she also posted another hilarious shot of her pups.


A group of coronavirus cases on the northern beaches of Sydney was discovered last Thursday.

Back home: The 31-year-old actress posted an Instagram story on Friday while isolating herself at home with her three puppies.

There’s nothing to say that Home and Away’s cast and crew have been impacted.


So far, 83 persons have tested positive for the virus and the search behind the outbreak is on for the mystery superspreader.


The authorities encourage people who have been in the city, even if they show the mildest signs, to come forwards and get checked.


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