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RUMOUR Home And Away: Do Tori and Christian Break Up?


Is Home and Away about to kill off the new hot romance of Christian and Tori?

Is the love bubble between Christian and Tori about to burst? It looks like a picture of the head of the Emergency Department of the Northern Districts not wearing her engagement ring has appeared. Now, we’re not actually free to show the picture before we continue, since it was posted to a Home and Away spoiler party. Still, you’re going to have to believe us.

A while ago, we announced that Christian and Tori were finally getting involved. But in this Facebook community, a recent photo reveals that anything could happen between the two doctors. In the photo, with a baby doll posing as baby Grace, Tori is sitting talking to someone (we forget who it is). If you look closely, her finger does not have a ring on it. So, that makes us wonder what happened? What happened?

Ok, we all know that weddings at Summer Bay are an odd phenomenon. It happens every few years. The last one we recall was Colby and Chelsea, and the marriage lasted for a few days, because the bride couldn’t live to hear that her husband had killed his stepfather.


With all going on with Lewis’ axe to grind with Christian at present, we have reason to believe that this may have anything to do with it. It’s a hunch we hope isn’t going to pan out. We love that Tori is finally happy, but if it doesn’t last, we’ll be super annoyed.

Christian is the right guy for Tori, very literally. When they split up over something in the past that has happened. Very few couples last for something on the show as a past fault. Look at what happened with Dean and Ziggy. They broke up because he was unable to bring himself to tell her that he had played a part in the murder of Ross.

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