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Home And Away’s new cast member has been revealed, and the tale behind her character promises an immense drama.


If, like us, you’ve been watching the trailer for Home And Away’s 2021 come back a few more times than you’re willing to admit, you know we’re in for a HUGE year of drama.
Thanks to the eagle-eyed fans of the H&A group and some sly new pictures, however, we now know which Summer Bay resident could be at the core of the scandal – and it wasn’t AT ALL teased in the first trailers.

Rob Kipa-Williams, who plays Ari Parata on the show, was spotted on the set kissing a beautiful newcomer.

The blonde in question was known as the British-born actress Anna May Samson, and the theory behind her arrival is juicy, with the capital J.

Apart from the fact that he spent 10 years in jail for an armed robbery that had gone wrong, not a lot is known about Ari’s back story. Join the character of Ana.


According to The Sunday Telegraph, Anna plays Mia Anderson, the ex-girlfriend of Ari who arrives in Summer Bay with her daughter, Chloe, played Sam Barrett, who had previously been kissed by Lukas Radovich and Ryder.

Dating before Ari was sent to jail, there’s sure to be a lot of unfinished business between the couple, and we can already feel the drama, particularly because the pretty Summer Bay resident is already dating Mackenzie.

Although daughter Chloe is not Ari’s biological child, the publication reported that she was a powerful father figure in her life before she detailed a potential miscarriage between the couple who sent Ari into a spiral of grief.

Although she was born in the UK, Anna has been living in Australia since she was a teenager, and she probably looks very familiar.
The beautiful actress has starred in many local dramas in recent years, including Dead Lucky, Wake In Fright, Jack Irish and Rebecca Gibney’s Halifax Revenge.
Anna has been seen a few times on the Summer Bay cast, and even seems to appear in the 2021 teaser in the blink-and-you’ll-miss moment.


Home And Away is expected to return to Channel Seven on February 1.

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