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11 Most important and huge spoilers for Home and Away for next week


With their tormentors, Ari and Tane make a deal, though Jasmine’s sorrow resurfaces at Grace’s party.

Spoilers for UK viewers.

Next week’s episodes of Home and Away see Ari and Tane go out on a risky mission at the behest of their rivals, while Colby is puzzled by Witness X’s mystery.
Meanwhile, when baby Grace’s first birthday party doesn’t go according to plan, Jasmine’s problems resurface.
Here’s a complete list of 11 great moments to come.

Paratas receive another threat


The Parata family is on high alert after Nikau was almost run over after dark on his way to Salt. It’s evident that Paul, Leon and their gang are determined to maintain the pressure on Tane, who owes them the drugs they’ve lost.

The next hazard comes in the form of a brick that is thrown through the front window of the Paratas. A note attached to the brick is found by Tane and concealed from Ari, but his brother soon knows what is going on.

Mackenzie challenges Nikau

For his own safety, Nikau stayed away from the Parata building, but he was surprised when he returned home and found a broken window. The sudden departure of his uncles, who are away doing Paul’s dodgy work, confuses him as well.


Mackenzie, who is hesitant to share any information in case it gets the youngest Parata into trouble, seeks answers from Nikau. Mac unwillingly comes clean about Tane and Ari going away to settle their debt only when Nikau threatens to involve the police.

Later, with the cash from the work, Ari and Tane arrive home and hope it will be enough to keep Paul away for good. To leave him out, Nikau threatens them, telling his uncles that they are all meant to be a family.

Tane and Ari are trying to make a deal,

Tane heads off to a secret meeting with Paul, as the note demands, but Ari is not too far behind. Paul reveals that if Tane agrees to carry out a criminal job for him, he will be able to forget about the debt.


Tane agrees with the arrangement, but he’s concerned about Ari when his big brother admits he’s not going to let him do it on his own.

Jasmine bails Colby out

When Angelo boasts about how Colby will not be able to afford his bail money, Jasmine is annoyed, which means he will have to stay behind bars ahead of the trial. Jasmine has other thoughts and uses her own funds to bail Colby out.

When Colby is freed, he desperately seeks to discover the identification of the mystery witness who has cooperated with Angelo’s investigation. He also enters into a dispute with Ziggy and suspects her of being a snitch that causes Dean to interfere in the defence of his ex-girlfriend.

Angelo later realises that the detective work of Colby could influence the trial, so he takes action by placing a suppression order on his star witness’s identity.

Mackenzie finds out the truth about Ross


When Ziggy tells her the truth about Ross’s murder and Dean’s participation in covering it up, Mackenzie is also embroiled in another big Summer Bay drama.

Afterwards, Mac angrily confronts Dean, making it obvious how much she disagrees with his actions. Her surprise only increases as she finds how many of Colby’s loved ones were involved throughout the lengthy wrap.

Angelo is standing firm in the courtroom.

Taylor may not be the enigmatic Witness X, but after getting close to Colby in the past few months, she’s still expected to testify at the trial.

Taylor is very uneasy about the situation and asks Angelo to remove her from the witness list, but he declines and makes it clear that she will play a part in the eventual downfall of Colby.

Colby’s mystery deepens.

When he receives the official court papers for his trial, including the list of witnesses, Colby gets excited. He searches through the archives eagerly, but thanks to Angelo’s pre-emptive intervention, the name of the mystery betrayer has been redacted.

The reports show that the unknown person is a member of the public, but they are referred to only as Witness X.

Realizing that once he’s in custody, there will be no response, Colby focuses his attention on Bella, Dean and Willow enjoying a last supper.

The health of Justin takes another turn into something worse,

Justin is informed during his latest visit to the hospital that he needs surgery as his tumour is rising again. Justin agrees, but needs to wait before getting the surgery until Grace’s birthday is over.

Justin is excited to be later in the week at Grace’s birthday, but he struggles badly with the pain. When he collapses in pain, his struggles become difficult to conceal, much to everyone’s alarm.

As Justin is hurried back to the hospital, the party comes to an abrupt end. In the first place, Tori contends with Christian for allowing Justin to be released.

Owen wants to leave

They go to bed together when it seems like Owen and Roo have finally worked through their recent problems. Unfortunately, Roo is only more puzzled by the encounter as she is forced to admit that she still has unresolved feelings for Evan, Owen’s twin brother.

It’s clear that this situation can’t be fixed when the pair talk things out, and they agree to go their separate ways. Ryder is appalled by the news that Owen is going to leave Summer Bay again.

Jasmine struggles at the birthday party for Grace

A variety of locals from Summer Bay are gathering to celebrate Grace’s first birthday party. Jasmine is keen to insure that on the special day Grace’s father Robbo is honoured, so she buys her a special bracelet that features an engraving with his name.

Jasmine waits for the right moment at the party to hand over the bracelet. When Tori flippantly tells her to put it on the table with the other gifts, she is disappointed.
As Christian takes centre stage in the party, Jasmine becomes increasingly distressed as she fears he’s taking Robbo’s place in Grace’s life.

As Christian gives Grace a bracelet that’s similar to the one Jasmine had purchased, the final straw arrives. Jasmine, doubting her own role in the life of Grace, bins the present discreetly. Irene sees this and retrieves it secretly.

John takes the decision to start dating again

After his split from Marilyn, John decides to build a profile on a dating app, ready to move on with his life. To help with the profile, he hires Ryder and is happily surprised when local ladies start to get in touch.

The constantly-beeping phone of John soon draws chatter around the Harbor, forcing Marilyn to put the situation on a brave face. She became jealous?

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