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Epic cast of home and away – then and now.

In a whopping 80 nations, the long-lasting Australian Soap Home and Away was broadcast for the first time in UK and back in 1989 on ITV.

Fortunately, it’s all today on our screens.
The soap wasn’t uncontroversial; it tackled some very intense, but important subjects like puberty, alcohol and drug dependency.

In Summer Bay, a fictional coastal city in New South Wales, Home and Away follow the lives of the inhabitants. The series was initially based on the family Fletcher and their five nursing children. They moved from the city into the area but then switched to the rest of the city.

Where are the original cast of Home and Away now?

Roger Oakley Tom Fletcher

Originally, Home and Away were based on the Fletcher family and the father was Tom Fletcher. He married Pippa, and five children were nurtured by the couple.

The character died in 1990, but in a car accident Tom appeared in the first pilot episode in 1988. The character returned to one of his daughters – Sally Fletcher, but only in the form of a haunting vision.

Tom Fletcher/Roger Oakley

The Australian actor Roger Oakley is born in New Zealand. On 21 August 1943, he was born.

After Home and Away, Roger went on to perform and played a politician at Something in the Breeze’ on an Australian soap. He was still involved in the industry at the age of 75 and was recently produced in a My Fair Lady phase production.

Vanessa Downing/Pippa Ross


Pippa Ross was married to Tom Fletcher, played by Vanessa Downing. In the pilot episode in 1998 Pippa appeared and in the show it appeared several times until 2009 – but the piece was refurbished, with Debra Lawrence in charge.

Over the years, Pippa and Tom have been taking some foster kids and their character has two kids. Pippa has been voted “kind-hearted” but more than her share of grief” on the top 20 of Home and Away characters of all time.

Pippa Ross/Vanessa Downing

Vanessa Downing, born on 5 May 1958, is an Australian playwright.

Apparently because she missed working with co-star Roger Oakley, Vanessa left Home and Away in 1990. She graduated in 2006 and now plays a professional legal profession and her key roles on the stage. She is a lawyer.

Ross Pippa/Lawrence Debra

Debra Lawrence took on Pippa Ross’ role in 1990 and remained eight years on the program, and returned several times until 2009.


Pippa Ross/Debra Lawrence.

Born on the 1 January 1957. Debra Lawrance is an Australian actress. Debra has acted in a play called ‘Please Like Me’ since she left Summer Bay in 2013. For this, she received the Most Outstanding Substantive Actress’ Logie Award (FYI Logie Awards are annual Australian organisations, funded and coordinated by TV Week magazine, celebrating Australian television).

Debra won a popular “Hell’s Kitchen Australia” edition in 2017, as well as Liz Conway in 2018.

Alex Papps Frank Morgan

The Alex Papps’s Frank Morgan was one of Tom and Pippa’s five foster kids. He was the first person in the pilot episode to appear in the soap.

With his signature mullet – swoon, Frank was the first heart-throb. He was packed with romance, including a “wedding with shotguns,” where he was dressed in the altar and a failed marriage.

Hodgson Carly Morris

Another fostered children from the Fletcher was Carly Morris, played by Sharyn Hodgson. Between 1988 and 1991 she was regular in the soap.

Carly had a lot of experience, including rape, alcohol, child violence and a rough marriage to Ben Lucini (Julian McMahon.) Soldier.

Katie Richie / Sally Fletcher

Sally Fletcher, too, was one of the Fletchers’ five foster children. Sally was a decent girl, chased by an awkward background.

As she remained in the soap from 1988-2008, Sally became the longest-standing female cast member.

Ritchie’s Kate

Kate Ritchie, born on August 14, 1978, is an Australian actress, radio presenter and child journalist.

For her portrait of Sally Fletcher Kate received many awards. Kate has practically done everything since his departure from Home and Away – Tv, film, radio, children’s books, a television singing competition and the Australian version of Don’t Tell The Bride. She was also Vaseline’s face!


Kate also took over for a few months as Sally in 2013 – a treat for fans! Kate has a daughter and her partner, Stuart Webb, is a professional rugby player.

Ray Meagher/Alf Stewart

Perhaps the most famous character from Home and Away is Alf Stewart who is played by Ray Meagher. He has appeared as a pilot and has been on show for 31 years (for the longest-server player in an Australian serial, his Guinness World Record).

Alf Stewart is often known as a little grumpy, but he is a major softie deep down. His slang is legendary – “flamin galah” “stone the flamin’ crows” and “strike me roan”

The character was the ringer – he lost his wife, suffered from PTSD, had long lost family members, a brain tumour and stalked!


Alf Stewart/Ray Meagher

Formed on July 4, 1944, Ray Meagher.
Now, what does Ray do? He is still on the show! He is still on show! Ray has received many prizes for his Alf portrait, including the Australian Fernseh Gold Logie prize for the most famous personality.


Ray was on many other TV programmes, and in Priscilla the musical performed on the West End.


Ray’s culpable joy is the pantomim of Weihnachts and frequently visits blighty to engage in productions such as Peter Pan and Aladdin.

Fishing Donald/Coburn Norman

The stern but fair director of Summer Bay, Donald Fisher, played by Norman Coburne, gives the nickname “flathead”

Donald, who was on the soap from the beginning until 2003, won place in the 2002 Guinness World Records.

Donal Fisher Norman Coburn

Norman Coburn was born on 6 March 1937 as an Australian actor. He initially began his stage career in the UK.

Donald was present at a few guest appearances after leaving Home and Away in 2003 but hanging up his acting shoes for good in 2008. He lives on an island on the coast of Australia in Tasmania today.


Simpson Bobby / Dickson Bobby

A troublesome, revolting teen who has become a little loner, Bobby Simpson, played by Nicolle Dickson. Bobby was famous because she stood for herself forever.

In the soap, she hunted for her organic parents and feuded on Roo Stewart, marrying Frank Morgan (Alex Papps), her foster brother.


Dickson wanted to quit in 1993, and in a boating accident Bobby was killed.

Bobby Simpson/Nicolle Dickson

Nicolle Dickson was born on 29 January 1969 and was an Australian actress. After Nicole left Home and Away, he took on some more acting roles and eventually left the company to become a bookkeeper and an accountant.

The series was celebrated for 30th years in a special documentary, “Endless summer: 30 Year of Home and Away,” in 2018, and was returned in the bay, alongside the co-star Alex Papps.

Judy Nunn/Aisla Stewart

Aisla Stewart had been married to Alf, played by Judy Nunn. They were an inseparable couple, and Judy managed the moody temperament of Alf well. The figure has been described as a mother of love.

She was hit, subjected to depression, a car accident, faced a previous rape, and met her long lost daughter in Ailsa’s tales. She died in 2000 as a result of a heart attack.

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