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Home and Away Spoiler Alerts! Finale introduce Luke Arnold – Heath Braxton will return back to Summer Bay in 2021.

In the final season, home and away viewers appear to be left with dramatic cliffhangers.

But the fictional city of Summer Bay seems to be happier this year.

Channel Seven treated the audience on Monday for a remarkably peaceful finale, with some new people and possible romances.

The episode, which was much awaited, saw Sam Frost, Jasmine, getting a chance to meet the old Luke Arnold flame, Lewis.

And Jasmine seems to have not forgotten her friend’s feelings.

In the meantime, after pleading culprits of Ross Nixon murder after Witness X’s betrayal, Colby (Tim Franklin) has been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.

An unexpected Jasmine left-wing prison visit puzzled, however because a relationship or connection between them had not been discussed before.

But it came together as Jasmine clarified that she would ‘take’ Colby behind the bars to promise Robbo, her late ex.

A teaser of next season shocked the audience to see original bad boy Heath Braxton from Summer Bay played by Dan Ewing.

Dan appeared as Rueben Humpheries on Home and Away in 2007 first.

In 2010 he joined the show as Heath, but four years later he quit.

He is one of the River Boys; he’s a band consisting of Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton, Casey Braxton and Kyle Braxton.

In 2018, he told that he would like to take up the part he was known for.

‘I’d certainly take it into account – as long as the plot is so strong,’ said Dan.

Saying to the cast and team: ‘I respect what they do,’ he added that he enjoyed his time at the show.

In 2021 Home and Away returned to Channel 7

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