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Reader, I married one – and moved there. How Neighbours gave me a deep Australian kink


And there I was in Hobart, Tasmania, crying in front of a wedding gown in a museum. I detest nuptials. Plan your special day, make a mood board, and act like a princess. Before going to the bar, I was wed in a five-minute ceremony while donning a Stetson. I’m not a fan of lavish weddings. But this wasn’t just any wedding attire. This meringue, in my opinion, sealed my fate.

From “Neighbours,” it was Charlene’s wedding gown. The iconic Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan episode was playing in the background as she curled up in a corner, backlit and plumped. The pilgrimage’s focus, radiant in all its splendour, was only on display for a month. tall neck enormous sleeves Lace. Ruffles, roses An artistic triumph of frivolity that may transport middle-aged Britons back to November 1988. Lincolnshire school where the excellent Mrs. Russell allowed us to view the ceremony on television in the sixth form centre during lunch. She recognised the seriousness of the circumstance; this wasn’t just a family wedding. It was our king and queen. The century’s biggest wedding.

What even was Australia before Neighbours to a large portion of Britain? People have vanished in a galaxy far, far away, just like the two ginger-haired boys from Doughty Street in my hometown in the 1970s. Sharp gasps and a reluctant, weighted “All the very best with that” were the reactions to the news that “We are moving to Perth!” In the reunion part of Surprise Surprise, which served as the show’s grand finale, Cilla Black frequently informed some confused retiree that her sister from Brisbane—whom she hadn’t seen in 37 years—was ready to take the stage. The moon was farther distant than Australia.

We had watched their soap operas in the past, and Sons and Daughters’ theme song served as our go-to excuse to skip class, but we had never seen Australia like this. Neighbors reset everything. It shone so brightly. It had cafes, gathering places, and HSCs (higher school certificates). Compared to GCSEs, they seemed so much sexier. And if you let them down, you could always start your own limo service. If I see a green car in Melbourne, I often wonder if Helen Daniels’ “Home James” service is still in operation.


Additionally, the neighbours had teens who argued with their parents before going out and having a good time. Not like Michelle Fowler moping about Albert Square hooking up with your baby’s hidden father. Australian youth visited the beach. Without a pier, donkeys, or fruit machines, it was a weird location, yet it was beautiful. There are plenty of beautiful boys splashing around and no sharks.

The major draw, though, was Australian men. Scott/Jason. To me, they were equivalent. Not the crude Paul Hogan drinking Foster caricature of Australian males. Charlene/effortlessly Kylie’s feminist mechanic goals received backing from Scott/Jason. Additionally, Plain Jane “Super Brain” Harris ended up dating sensitive grafter Mike/Guy Pearce. What exactly is this amazing world? In this nation, working-class people can own detached homes with large yards and nerds can score a hot guy. Even labradors can dare to dream in this land.

But it was all a fiction, just like Bouncer’s nighttime hallucinations. I didn’t want to live overseas back then. Peterborough was as far as I could go while still experiencing teen panic attacks. However, there must have been a seed planted in me someplace. Australians were frequently featured in the media in the 1990s. They were all over. I married one of them and had many of them as pals. After ten years in the UK, he suggested that they move there temporarily. It was frightening. However, with the advent of Skype, you could now truly see individuals who were far away. And I could still hear Erinsborough’s echoes in my head.

Neighbours evolved into the fictitious documentary that I used to inform one of the most important choices in my life. Everything would be OK. Madge. Jim. Clive. Helen. Just cliffs had to be avoided. “Harrrrrrrolllllddddd!”


I went through some of my partner’s old Polaroids from the 1980s as we were getting ready to relocate. He reminded me of a background character from Lassiter’s coffee shop, I realised. He had been in the soap opera for seven episodes as waiter Jason Byrne in Mr. Udagawa’s hotel complex, I added to the Facebook post when I recently published the picture. Some of my pals actually believed the claim, despite how ridiculous it was. He did possess a Donovan-like appearance. It seems that my profound Australian kink was caused by my neighbours. I was completely unaware of it.

Life keeps going. “A bit” of time” here has grown into more than ten years.” Your life is more often seen as a sequence of chapters and incidents than as a whole. But I could see my life’s history from adolescence to middle age in that one wedding outfit. On a bloody island in Antarctica, someone went from being that crazy, obese kid who couldn’t go anyplace to a functioning adult.

Charlene’s outfit is currently being prepared for storage in a box at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Though I can’t predict what it will signify to future generations, I have a hunch that Minogue’s interminable and joyous reincarnations will ensure its continued relevance. It will never just be a dress to me. Much more than just a romantic icon. When you reach the age of fifty, you are aware of the limitations of that. And I still have my great Australian husband.

My world was opened to me by my neighbours. For years, Scott and Charlene have been dwelling in my heart. Their wedding serves as a reminder of the time when I needed to have other ideas, along with all the 80s frills Minogue donned. A bigger, brighter future that I couldn’t exactly imagine at the time or in that mental condition. No matter where I go in the globe, I still have days like that. Do we not all? When that happens, some foaming soap can really make a difference. neighbours onya.


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