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Home and Away’s Matt Evans reveals Theo Poulos terror!


Theo is dealing with one of his worst concerns when it appears that he might be ejected from his course, according to Home and Away actor Matt Evans.

Since relocating to live with his aunt Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou), he has immersed himself in a new mechanics career, being coached by his uncle Justin Morgan in an effort to move over his traumatic past with a violent and abusive father (James Stewart).

“He lacks a lot of self-assurance. Because of all that transpired with his father while he was growing up, I believe that he has a fear of failing and doubts his own abilities “remarked Matt.

“He adopted this boisterous alter persona because he didn’t feel loved. He constantly aspires to be loved.”


A anxious Justin wrote Theo’s assignment when he was worried that he wouldn’t complete it! The situation may have been ignored by the older Theo, but times have changed since his initial arrival at the bay.

“Absolutely! Sweet, thanks, he would have responded.” Mat concurred.

“However, he completes the entire job himself since he believes it is improper to submit work that is not his.

Theo is a wonderful kid who doesn’t truly want to do the wrong thing, and it is clear from his current behaviour that he is changing.


“He wants to demonstrate his abilities. It’s a major occasion for him.

After a delighted Theo receives a distinction, Justin becomes a touch TOO overexcited. Leah notices something is wrong and forces Justin to confess.

Justin continues to believe that the top mark is up to him because Theo feels uncomfortable with revising the assignment. Theo is terrified to learn he could be expelled from the course as a furious Leah insists Justin tell TAFE what he did!

He is being probed and could be expelled. It’s a significant event and a terrifying time for him, said Matt.


“If I had been faced expulsion when I was Theo’s age, I would have been so terrified!

It is pretty intense. Even though you don’t realise how intense it is, it’s actually quite frightful to imagine yourself in his position.

Even if Theo is able to locate a dated original copy of his project, the TAFE inspector still requires him to take a test to demonstrate that the work is truly his. All of his fears from his father’s years of criticism surface as a result.

It’s another challenge for Theo, so things keep getting in the way. There will be a lot of ups and downs, said Matt.

“Some of the most thrilling stuff I’ve ever recorded, some of my favourite storylines, are coming up.

“I can only say that Theo will be able to delve a little further into his musical side in the upcoming months.


But he has some interesting things going on, so I’m thrilled that fans will get to witness that.

Prior to signing on with Home and Away, Matt was best known in Australia as a singer who had competed on The Voice 2020.

He admitted that his first acting role had been a challenging learning experience, especially given the tragic plot involving dad Dimitri Poulos (Salvatore Coco).

“The Dimitri plot was pretty compelling. Because it was so early on and I was still learning so much about acting, which I still am, I didn’t feel ready for it “He was adamant.

“I actually do appreciate the fun comic things as well, especially with Theo and Justin, so it’s nice to get a balance,” the speaker said. “It’s a good challenge to get something serious like that.”

When Theo performs a lovely duet with Justin, UK viewers will soon get to watch Matt contribute his musical skills to the production. He disclosed on Instagram that he had the opportunity to select one of his father’s favourite tunes.

“Because I live far from my parents, I don’t get to see them as much. It felt appropriate to choose a song that meant something to me personally because the duet is a father-son type of moment for Theo and Justin, according to Matt.

It was an expression of gratitude to my parents for always supporting me and allowing me to pursue my interests. It was dedicated to my dad. I’m extremely fortunate to have the parents I do.

On the show, viewers got to hear Matt perform, and he admitted that music still holds a special place in his heart.

While I’m still on the show, I want to work toward releasing some of my own music, which I’m presently in the middle of doing, he said.

Also to demonstrate that I’m not miming and that I am the one doing it!

“I work as hard as I can because I’d love to have a career in acting and singing.

I am in the process even though I am unsure of the timing for the song because I am in the studio recording and writing.

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