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Ouch, that looks painful! Kate Ritchie reveals her bunions as she goes barefoot on a cruise with her Australia’s Got Talent co-stars Alesha Dixon and Ricki-Lee Coulter


Whether she’s in front of the camera or posing on the red carpet, she always looks flawless.

But like the rest of us, even Kate Ritchie is not perfect.

In a humorous Instagram post on Sunday, the 43-year-old former Home and Away star admitted she has bunions.

Along with Ricki-Lee Coulter and Alesha Dixon, the attractive actress shared an outtake from a photo shoot on a yacht to promote the current season of Australia’s Got Talent.


The photographer had promised to crop her feet out of the picture, but he unintentionally captured her bare feet, she stated in the remark.

With the hashtag #nicebunions, she tweeted, “When the photographer swears they won’t see your feet..”.

An enlargement on the side of the joint where the big toe meets the foot is known as a bunion. It frequently occurs as a result of wearing shoes that are uncomfortable or cause foot cramping.

Major culprits are excessive points that squish the toes together or high heels that force the body’s weight onto the front of the foot.


The skin and tissues around the joint become thicker as the shoe pushes against them, eventually growing into a bunion. Due to the shoes they wear and the softer ligaments in their feet, women are more likely than males to acquire bunions.


On Sunday night’s premiere of Australia’s Got Talent, Kate made her long-awaited debut.

She shone on the celebrity-studded panel, showing a softer side to herself.

The gentler side of the single mother was on display when she became a little upset while seeing an act featuring dads and their daughters.


As the little ladies, ages two to six, got ready to perform on stage wearing ballet tutus and crowns, Kate talked to them.

Kate said, “Hello gals, welcome to the stage.” “Are you all present?” You four are just getting started, right?

To the delight of the studio audience, the girls danced with their fathers as Kate was astounded.

The dancers frequently “leaned” on their fathers as they swirled and swayed to Mariah Carey’s timeless ballad, Hero.

The TV personality later expressed her admiration for the group by thanking them for “filling our hearts,” noting, “That was really amazing.”

After the surprise, the children’s author made fun of the girls by saying, “You girls are really cheeky as you kept a very large secret.”


We weren’t anticipating so many dashing parents to be on stage. Being up there with your wonderful daughters must be lovely.

After confessing she was “nervous” about the role, Kate appeared serene and calm as she sat on the judging panel for the first time.

After getting arrested for low-range drunk driving in August, the celebrity has had a turbulent recent period.

In August, at 2.45 pm on Heffron Rd in Pagewood, Kate’s blue Subaru station waggon was pulled up by police for an arbitrary breath test.

Ritchie tested positive by the side of the road, was detained right away, and was taken to Maroubra Police Station to submit to a subsequent breath test.

She gave a positive reading of 0.06, just a little bit above than the 0.05 permitted limit.

She eventually issued a formal apology, is believed to have been immediately fined $600, and had her licence revoked for three months.

Previously married to retired NRL player Stuart Webb, the former soap opera star has an eight-year-old daughter named Mae.

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