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Home and Away spoilers: Sophie Dillman reveals shock ‘highs and lows’ for Ziggy and Dean: ‘It only gets better!’


In Home and Away, Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) is currently living her ambition of becoming a professional surfer, and she couldn’t be happier.

As viewers are aware, the well-liked heroine last week made the bold decision to forgo prudence and set out on a new journey in pursuit of her ambition of becoming a professional surfer.

Ziggy took Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) advice to go for the gold when she entered the competition, proving once again that he was a loving lover.

According to actress Sophie Dillman, “Dean is Ziggy’s biggest fan.” ‘ He encourages Ziggy to pursue anything she wants and says he’ll be there as her biggest admirer and supporter despite the fact that he must remain [in Summer Bay] for his son.


“Ziggy is ruling the globe!” She is thrilled that a dream might actually be realised, that it might become a reality, and that her life might change.

Ziggy discovers the limitless possibilities when she returns to the Bay after winning the surf competition. Additionally, sponsorship offers are rolling in left, right, and centre.

It’s understandable that Ziggy would be shocked to learn she’s pregnant after everything starts to fall into shape for her.

Sophie described how it felt like being hit in the head because it came so unexpectedly. I don’t believe it fully hits her till later. “Absolutely not, no way,” she thinks. “This is just not possible.”


She feels queasy and decides that it might be anything, therefore she must take a test. And, sure enough, she’s expecting!

Given that she is set to fulfil her aspirations, Ziggy is torn about what to do next.

It must be a fairly normal conflict, Sophie added, especially for someone involved in a vocation like professional sport. “Having a family is a significant decision, therefore it’s incredibly hard,” she said. “Being pregnant and playing professional sports don’t often go hand in hand.

“I have a lot of sympathy for Ziggy going through this.” Whatever she decides, these are significant, life-changing moments that will have an impact on her for the rest of her life. She doesn’t have my envy. She has a brilliant intellect and incredible strength in this area. I genuinely respect her.


After giving it some thought, Ziggy confides in Dean, who responds in classic Dean form by being incredibly encouraging. He’s so delighted, said Sophie.

“He would love to have another baby, but he doesn’t want to sway Ziggy any way because it’s her body and her decision so he’s very cautious about what she sees,” says Ziggy. “However, he is absolutely on board with having a baby.”

It’s unclear what Ziggy will do next, but Sophie, who concurred with that the programme is now excellent, has forewarned viewers that there will be a lot more drama.

She exclaimed, “It only gets better!” and we were thrilled. “There are amazing highs, amazing lows, amazing hardships and heartbreaks, wonderful love, and everything in between,” the author writes.

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