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Neighbours: Who is returning for the final episode? Full celebrity list


Everyone needs dependable neighbours… Unfortunately, the popular Australian soap opera is coming to an end.

Yes, following the heartbreaking cancellation of the soap opera announced in March 2022, the adventures of the citizens of Erinsborough will no longer be broadcast after 37 years on the air.

Tomorrow is still the big finale, with the present cast winding off their own arcs and some well-known and well-known individuals joining them to say goodbye.

What celebrities can we anticipate seeing in the Neighbours finale?


Which famous people will appear in Neighbours’ farewell episode? The entire list

According to information that has been released thus far, a total of 33 performers are scheduled to make a comeback.

Character actors who are fan favourites and performers who have gone on to become international celebrities will team up to set foot on Ramsay Street for the last time, helping to conclude the soap opera in style.

The complete list of returning guest stars for the Neighbours finale is provided here.



Kylie Minogue – Charlene Mitchell

Jason Donovan – Scott Robinson

Guy Pearce – Mike Young

Ian Smith – Harold Bishop


Anne Charleston – Madge Bishop (as a ghost)

Peter O’Brien – Shane Ramsay

Mark Little – Joe Mangle

Paul Keane – Des Clarke


Jesse Spencer – Billy Kennedy

Daniel MacPherson – Joel Samuels


Holly Valance – Felicity Scully

Natalie Imbruglia – Beth Brennan

Benjamin McNair – Mal Kennedy

Melissa Bell – Lucy Robinson

Lesley Baker – Angie Rebecchi


Margot Robbie – Donna Freedman

Natalie Bassingthwaighte – Izzy Hoyland

Carla Bonner – Steph Scully

Delta Goodrem – Nina Tucker

Chris Milligan – Kyle Canning

Pippa Black – Elle Robinson

Scott Major – Lucas Fitzgerald

Morgan Baker – Callum Rebecchi

Jordan Patrick Smith – Andrew Robinson

Kym Valentine – Libby Kennedy


Olympia Valance – Paige Smith

James Mason – Chris Pappas

Jodi Gordon – Elly Conway

Zoe Cramond – Amy Williams

Kate Kendall – Lauren Turner

Ben Hall – Ned Willis

Olivia Junkeer – Yashvi Rebecchi

Zima Anderson – Roxy Willis

Let’s examine that list in more detail…

Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue

Or as they’ll be known to fans… Mitchell and Robinson are Charlene.

For anyone who watched Neighbours in the 1980s, the appearance of pop diva Kylie Minogue and performer Jason Donovan, both 54, is guaranteed to trigger intense nostalgia.

The episode from July 1987 that featured Scott and Charlene’s wedding has come to symbolise the entire run of the programme.

According to reports, about 20 million Britons watched the wedding.

They are still pictured returning to Ramsay Street in the final trailer with their arms still around one other. Fans will undoubtedly find it to be immensely unforgettable.

Margot Robbie

Margot, an actress best known for playing Harley Quinn, recently appeared on Neighbours.

She quit the soap in 2011 to focus on a career in Hollywood, and her decision paid off handsomely as seen by her early success in the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Unfortunately, Neighbours viewers will recognise her as Donna Freedman, a regular character in the late 2010s who wed Ringo Brown (Sam Clark) before the terrible event that led to his death just one month later.

Guy Pearce

Guy is most known to moviegoers for his roles in Memento, Iron Man 3, LA Confidential, and The Hurt Locker.

However, they are unaware that the 54-year-old actor made his acting debut as Mike Young, a character who debuted on the popular Australian soap opera around the same time as Scott and Charlene.

In a recent interview, Guy described the end of the programme as “sad” and described returning to Ramsay Street as “surreal.”

He continued by saying that he is still close friends with Jason, Kylie, and the other cast members. He said that it is a little sad that Jason and Kylie still refer to each other as Scott and Mike.

In the episodes preceding the conclusion, Guy can be seen reunited with Jane, Mike’s previous flame.

Holly Valance and Natalie Imbruglia

These two former Neighbours actors both made appearances on the soap opera in the 1990s, but they also have the talent of singing.

Natalie made waves in 1997 with her breakthrough single Torn and follow-up Big Mistake. Natalie played Beth Brennan on the television programme in the early 1990s.

That year saw the publication of her debut album, Left Of The Middle, which went platinum and earned her three Grammy nominations.

Holly, on the other hand, played Felicity Scully from 1999 to 2002. That same year, she also recorded her hit single Kiss Kiss and album Footprints, both of which produced two additional top three hits.

Icons from Neighbours, like Madge and Ian Bishop

Of all, Neighbours’ conclusion simply wouldn’t be the same if some of its most well-known characters hadn’t made a comeback.

Naturally, one of them is Harold Bishop, who debuted on the soap opera in 1987 and is portrayed by actor Ian Smith. He left in 1991 but came back in 1996, joining the cast on a regular basis until 2009.

One of the series’ most enduring characters, Harold’s reappearance has been eagerly anticipated. Ian previously returned for guest episodes in 2011 and 2015.

Anne Charleston, who played Madge Bishop, Harold’s first wife, is also returning, however she is only visible as a ghost because she passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2001.

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