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Home and Away stars Sophie Dillman and Paddy O’Connor spark engagement rumours with loved-up pics


Popular Home and Away actors Sophie Dillman and Paddy O’Connor have posted a number of private vacation pictures as they tour Europe.

Fans have speculated about a potential engagement after seeing the images, particularly those from Greece, with one saying it would be a “great venue to propose.”

The duo began their journey in London earlier this week. They play Dean Thompson and Ziggy Astoni on the Channel 7 soap opera.

On Tuesday, O’Connor posted a “London dump,” stating that a close-up image of him wearing white sunglasses would provide him with “energy for the next two weeks.”


They could be seen visiting Big Ben, catching up with pals, and posing by the London Eye in the pictures.

Well deserved pint, buddy! Actor Nicholas Cartwright from Home and Away made a remark, while Luke Jacobs described the glasses as “the best ‘worst’ glasses I’ve ever seen.”

More pictures were posted from the next visit, Mykonos in Greece.

O’Connor captioned the post, which featured images of him wearing the same glasses and said, “Mykonos has him now.


Dillman was observed taking a swim in the Greek waters and riding a quad bike about the island.

Fans are adoring the couple’s updates and have dubbed them “couple goals.”

One person said, “You guys are my couple goals,” and another added, “You two are such a good couple.”

“Great location for a proposal”

One supporter commented, “Lol you like every British bloke on holiday in Greece ever,” maybe referring to O’Connor’s treasured glasses.


The possibility of a proposal for the happy pair could not be avoided by certain supporters.

Perhaps a nice place to propose, a user said.

Another person said, “I smell a proposal.”

Prior to their trip to Europe, the pair made an appearance on The Morning Show with their puppy Winnie as a special guest.

Newly added

The couple’s followers on social media love Winnie.

O’Connor said that despite Winnie’s latest (and pricey) gastric episode, he and Dillman have been enjoying having him in their home.


O’Connor said that the puppy had settled in well, as shown by a post that showed Winnie perched on his chest while the two of them watched television.

He remarked, “I believe we were watching Friends, but that’s his favourite TV viewing position.

Dillman remarked, “Apparently when they sit on you like that it signifies that they are the boss.

And this came after the stomachache, right? host Larry Emdur questioned.

With a chuckle, O’Connor answered, “About two days (later).

Despite the couple’s prominent on-screen appearances, Dillman claimed they have created boundaries to keep their personal and professional lives apart.

The worst part, she said, is when you have a domestic quarrel and then have to immediately transition into a love scene, but you joke about it later.

We’ve had a lot of practise, so we’re quite good, everything is fine.

Regarding how they successfully manage their relationship, O’Connor concurred.

It has its ups and downs, but we manage to get by, he added.

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