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Home and Away Spoilers – Salt for sale as Mac’s sentencing arrives


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Chloe learns the truth about how Mia and Ari acquired the gym, while Mackenzie faces some difficult choices following her incarceration.

As she gets ready for the risk of going to jail for hosting illegal poker sessions at Salt, Mackenzie Booth (Emily Booth) will finally have her day in court.

Mac was resolved to make the most of what might be her last day of freedom, but because she had trouble falling asleep, she wound up drowning her sorrows by herself at Salt. The following morning, John (Shane Withington) found her unconscious on one of the restaurant’s couches.

Mac sobbed in her brother’s arms, pleading with him not to make her go to court while Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) came to her aid.


This week’s action picks up as Mac apologises for her dramatic outburst and Dean emphasises that the most important thing is for Mac to appear in court and admit to her error because hiding won’t help her.

Mac agrees that it’s time to face the music after realising that she can’t continue to hide her head in the sand because doing so is what got her into debt in the first place.

Before leaving with Dean for the courthouse, Mac asks Ziggy to watch over Dean at home because she doesn’t know when she’ll be back.

Meanwhile, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane (Ethan Browne) discover a stack of documents and an envelope on the bar at Salt. Mac is giving her ownership of the company, and Felicity genuinely thinks she’s going to jail!


Flick panics and tells Tane she has no chance of handling that duty, especially since it was her idea to organise the poker nights that resulted in Mac being charged in the first place.

Flick doesn’t think Tane is manager material because how is she meant to keep Salt afloat when Mac couldn’t? Tane thinks that she might be able to repay Mac by keeping the company running.

When Mac later arrives in Salt, Flick can practically feel her relief—been she’s spared jail time and given a good behaviour bond and a sizable fine instead!

Flick’s excitement over seeing her boss free changes as she angrily hands the paperwork back to Mac, declaring that she will no longer be forced to run Salt after Mac dumped it on her.


Flick criticises Mac for exploiting Felicity’s guilt, but Mac wants to make it obvious that Felicity has nothing to apologise for. She apologises and says that the only person she could rely on to actually operate the company was Flick.

The two reconcile, but Mac is now back where she started because the fine simply increased her debt.

Flick offers talking to some wealthy investors as a way to pay it off, but she is offended when Mac dismisses the proposal as being suspect—so much for believing in her!

Later, Mac confesses to Dean that she doesn’t want to include other people in her mess once more, but Dean persuades her that if she wants to have any hope of preserving the company, she must accept help.

As she invites Flick to go with her, Mac apologises and accepts Flick’s suggestion. She has a good notion of where they can start—an old boyfriend of hers who resides in the city.

The fish don’t seem to be biting when they return a few days later, but when Mac later calls one of the investors, she’s surprised when they make her a very lucrative offer.


Mac’s debt issues have finally found a solution, so why isn’t she more excited about it?

It almost seems too wonderful to be true that the investor is providing so much more than she had requested. After what happened with PK (Ryan Johnson), Mac acknowledges that she is doubting her judgement, but even so, she is unsure of her ability to watch as someone else takes over her company given that she is accustomed to being her own boss.

Mac’s final decision, which is to sell Salt, is one she makes with great sadness.

As the For Sale sign is put up, everyone is dissatisfied with the choice, but does Flick have another trick up her sleeve?

NOTE: Beginning on Monday, August 1st, Channel 5 will start airing Home and Away 30 minutes later, at 1:45pm.

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