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Neighbours upcoming spoilers: Hendrix and Mackenzie to deceive Harlow with romance?


Never get with your BFF’s ex, according to rule one of the girl code. Currently, the first guideline should be to stay away from their boyfriend, but staying away from their ex should also be a firm no. Unfortunately, Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) will not follow this maxim as things between her and Hendrix (Benny Turland) begin to happen in Neighbours.

Mackenzie’s behaviour is out of character for her, she is known for her fierce loyalty, but could there be a true romance brewing at the expense of her friendship?

Hendrix has struggled to get over his ex-girlfriend Harlow (Jemma Donnovan) while still dealing with his father’s departure, and as a result, he has gone off the rails. But, little by little, he’s gotten himself back on track. School is going on, he’s made his mates, and he’s actually making progress.

It’s the ideal time to throw a wrench in the works.


Over the past few weeks, he and Mackenzie have become close friends and are loving getting to know each other better. Then when Hendrix comes across a large spider, his first impulse is to summon his new best friend Mackenzie to help him get rid of it.

She arrives, ever the dutiful mate, to figure out the eight-legged beast. But it happens to be more difficult than they expected, and as they struggle to grab it, mayhem ensues, leaving the two in a messy mess on the drink.

They all sense the sparks and are on the verge of leaning in. Thankfully, they save themselves just seconds from hitting the line, but they’re both mortified by their near-kiss. They both fear that if they don’t talk to each other, they’ll break their relationship.

Are there emotions here that they won’t be able to ignore, even if they’ve stopped in time?


Scenes will premiere on Channel 5 on Monday, May 3rd.

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