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Home and Away airs shocking death in latest Australian episode


In Tuesday’s (May 28) Australian episode of Home and Away, a terrible death occurred as the ongoing stalker storyline of the soap opera reached a boiling point.

After a horrific shooting incident in Summer Bay, doctors were unable to save Stevie Marlow’s life, and she was killed.

Sidney Wickham, the film star’s violent stalker, was set free earlier this week and immediately made his way to the Bay with the intention of targeting Stevie.

Sidney had already attempted to assault Stevie during a press conference for her most recent movie, but her bodyguard Cash Newman stepped in and had him arrested and placed under detention.


Now that he was free once more, Sidney decided to find Stevie and he went directly to the Bay, where she was filming All Our Tomorrows, her latest movie, on location.

In the middle of filming, Sidney shot Stevie, leaving the well-known star struggling for her life on the beach and igniting panic throughout the Bay.

After being taken to Northern Districts Hospital, Bree Cameron and Levi Fowler made a valiant effort to save Stevie’s life.

Bree pledged to her ex-boyfriend Remi Carter, who is currently seeing Stevie, that she would save his romantic partner while feeling under pressure because to her personal ties to the catastrophe.


Sadly, that was not feasible. Bree and Levi had to come to terms with the fact that Stevie had died from her gunshot wound after countless attempts to resuscitate her.

After leaving the scene, Sidney stayed at large, and when Cash got home, he discovered the dangerous gunman was still at large and waiting for him.

Is the ex-cop going to be Sidney’s next victim?

For the previous three months, Catherine Văn-Davies has played the role of Stevie, the guest character.


When Stevie hired Cash as her bodyguard and begged him to shield her from her stalker, she was first featured on the show.

Later, the movie actress relocated to the Bay to be under Cash’s closer supervision. There, she grew close to several residents, especially Remi, with whom she eventually began dating.

Early in July, UK viewers of Home and Away will get to witness Stevie’s farewell moments.

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