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Tori blames Jasmine for Budget McDreamy’s near-death – or actual death – incident on Home and Away.


If I do say so myself, this was a filler episode.

I wasn’t expecting dead Ross’ murder to be resurrected, but here we are, creating drama for the sake of drama.

Tane wants to know why Ziggy and Dean broke up after they won the surf competition because “they’re really similar for ex’s.”

To be honest, I’ve forgotten, and I don’t care because Dean is pathetic – and they’re together in real life and have a really sweet puppy – but Tane’s vague mention of something fishy jogs my mind. The entire Colby killing dead Ross saga was entwined in the break.


Tane, however, is unsatisfied with Ziggy’s response and interrogates Bella while she stands nervously waiting for Nikau to shower – a detail that isn’t important but I can only imagine they needed to fill a few seconds of script.


The next morning, Bella goes straight to Zig.

Bella inquires, “What’s up with you and Tane?”

“Zig can’t be known by anyone else.”


It’s a valid argument, given that half of the Bay knows Colby murdered Ross and Dean was there dozing off on sleeping pills.

Anyway, Zig shows up at Tane’s house and the two have a fight over nothing, aka being “honest.”

Tane starts with, “I think I’ve been pretty careful,” which is never a good way to start a conversation.

Tane deduces that Dean did something illegal without Zig having to say anything, and that Zig is holding her mouth shut to protect Bella.


Now Zig must “prove” how much Tane means to her by telling Mac that he is welcome to come over whenever he wants.

I sincerely hope this never comes up again and that we can all move on to better stuff, such as the root of the drama, Jasmine, who has had no luck with love.

Newcomer and now psychopath Lewis has been very effective in driving a wedge between Jasmine and Tori, the mother of Jas’ husband’s child, as I expected many moons ago.

Robbo was found dead, and her new partner turned out to be a psychopath.

Tori says, “Right now, I can’t even look at her.”

It’s been days since Budget McDreamy’s flatlined, but despite being dead for a while, he’s still showing no deficits.


Jasmine also appears with some details.

“Not only did Lewis admit to hurting Christian, but he also admitted to other deaths,” Jas tells Irene.

“I assumed I knew who he was.”

Tori holds Jasmine responsible for Budget McDreamy’s near-death experience – or worse, real death experience – and they have it out in the gym.

“How could you have overlooked Lewis being psychotic?” Tori asks.

Tori expects Budget McDreamy to be similarly shocked when she returns home.

Tori tells Budget McDreamy, “There’s something I need to tell you that’s going to be difficult to hear.”

Still, for someone who almost lost his job and his life when Lewis was secretly killing off his patients, he’s pretty level-headed.

Tori wonders aloud, “Why am I the only one who thinks Lewis should be punished for what he did?”

Budget McDreamy happens to run into Jasmine, who has been running for a while, which is never a positive sign.

“None of this was your fault, Jas,” he states emphatically.

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and Tori.”

Then Budget Mcdreamy ambushes Tori in the hopes of getting her to speak with Jasmine, but it’s too soon.

“You can’t let Lewis ruin your friendship. Budget McDreamy explains, “If you do, he’ll win.”

In other reports, Nikau has agreed to meet with a high-flying modelling agent solely to reject them.

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