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Neighbours theory: Toadie Rebecchi to betray Melanie Pearson in affair twist?


Toadie (played by Ryan Maloney) has always struggled to find love on Neighbours, having had a number of lovers over the last few years. Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) appears to be the character he is ready to settle down with in recent months, as the couple has overcome their age gap and the attempts of Rose Walker (Lucy Durack) to interfere with their relationship. However, it’s possible that the presence of Kiri Hua Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson), a Channel 5 drama veteran, could jeopardise his own happiness.

Toadie may become interested by Kiri as she appears on Ramsay Street in the aftermath of what happened at the River Bend, despite the fact that he is now content in his relationship with Melanie.

Kiri will appear in Erinsborough after building a love bond with Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes), as she appears to be interested in beginning a relationship with the mother of one.

Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett), on the other hand, will sabotage the relationship between the two women because he doesn’t want Kiri to find out she is his long-lost daughter.


The harm he causes to the romance will be irreversible, but the newcomer appears to be sticking around because of her interactions with other characters on the show.

Toadie could be one of them, as she may be in need of legal guidance, bringing the two characters into contact.

As the two spend more time together, they may realise they have a lot in common, and a spark may develop between them.

Melanie’s anxieties about her connection with Toadie could resurface as she becomes more aware of the two characters’ bond.


The lawyer could comfort his partner that she has nothing to be concerned about, but he may be surprised when Kiri moves in for a kiss because he has another meeting with her.

This would put him in a difficult situation because he knows he has feelings for both of the ladies in his life right now.

He may succumb to temptation and begin an affair with the newcomer in secret, despite his desire not to betray Melanie.

After her unsuccessful relationship with Nicolette, Gemma, who plays Kiri, has hinted that her character would have multiple love interests.


“Of course, there’s more romance,” Gemma explained.

“I believe Neighbours fans will have strong feelings about Kiri’s love interests and how they finish up,” she told Inside Soap Magazine.

It was not said who Kiri would end up falling for, but given Toadie’s rocky dating history, he could be one of the characters with whom she has a romance.

Melanie would be devastated if she found out her partner was having an affair with a younger lady behind her back.

Toadie’s partner would be furious with him for lying to her, and she would go around Ramsay Street smearing his name.

Melanie has a history of not reacting well when relationships collapse, so Toadie should be prepared for the attack coming his way.


Could he ask Melanie’s forgiveness and give him another chance now that he realises the huge mistake he’s made with Kiri?

Melanie may decide that enough is enough and that she will put herself first after being on the receiving end of far too much heartbreak over the years.

Will the beloved character make her exit from the show now that she knows her relationship with Toadie is over?

Last year, when speaking with about the odd romance between the two characters, Ryan, who portrays Toadie, described his response to learning that his alter-ego would be matched with Melanie.

“I was rapt because I knew a character like Melanie could only be played with humour, and those are my favourite storylines, the ones that make you laugh,” the soap star remarked.

“The best ending would be ‘happily ever after,'” Ryan continued when asked if he saw a future with this romance.

“But it’s Neighbours, so we know they’re going to hit some snags along the way,” he continued, implying that the romance would end badly.

As a result, there’s a good probability Melanie isn’t the one for Toadie, and Kiri is his Mrs Right.

Lucinda, who portrays Melanie, also commented about her character’s affair with Toadie, a regular on Ramsay Street.

“I wasn’t anticipating it, because Mel is a lot older than Toadie, and I expected they’d simply be coworkers,” Lucinda explained.

“However, I enjoy working with Ryan, so I’m looking forward to working with him more.”

“I think they have fun together and I think they both deserve some fun,” the actress continued, “I think they are terrific company for each other and wouldn’t ever grow tired.”

But, if Toadie ends up betraying his partner, will it all be for naught?

Neighbours airs on Channel 5 weekdays at 1:45 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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