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Home and Away Spoilers – Will Mac make the boldest move yet?


Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) and Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) are ready to embark on a huge new storyline on Home and Away, as a new trailer depicts them bringing a poker tournament to Summer Bay. Is Mac on the verge of striking a deal with the devil?

Mackenzie will receive some bad news later this week that could cost her her entire business.

When her attitude shifts overnight, her friends and family get suspicious – she stops providing Dean (Patrick O’Connor) free food and drink, telling him she’s cutting him off and claiming she’s “sick of all the freeloading,” but it’s evident that something is amiss.

“One minute I was golden… the next, dirt!” exclaims Ryder (Lukas Radovich).


The true reason for her change of heart is that she received word from her insurance carrier that they will not cover the damage caused by the October gas attack (December in the UK).

Mac was counting on that money to keep the business afloat, and it appears that she will run out of cash if she doesn’t get it. She eventually tells her brother, “I’m in serious danger,” and breaks down in tears as she informs him. Dean, you’re in enormous, major trouble.”

Then, in early next week’s episodes showing in Australia, Mackenzie is forced to make a difficult decision. She’s just just given Ryder a raise as a result of his TAFE graduation, and she realises she can’t afford to keep her second-in-command employed.

It’s not an easy decision for her to make. She’s heartbroken that her company, which has been her life for the past few tumultuous years, is on the verge of failing, but she doesn’t have a choice.


Does she, or does she not?

Felicity, who worked in a city club before moving to the beachfront hamlet and taking a job at Salt, has a few ideas up her sleeve from her time in the hospitality industry.

She approaches Mac with a plan to generate some money and turn the firm around – but will it only cause her more problems?

Home and Away’s new poker promo

Felicity proposes a poker event at Salt in a new promo now airing on Channel 7 in Australia.


“Winners tip large,” Felicity explains to Mac, explaining why the event would be a great chance to get some quick cash. “However, losers drink much more!”

Could the high rollers be exactly what Mac needs to preserve her company?

“When do you require a response?” Mackenzie inquires.

“Can you tell me when you’ll need the money?” Felicity retaliates.

Mackenzie realises she doesn’t have a choice but to agree, and the promo depicts the lavish gala engulfing Salt.

Several poker tables are set up, a croupier is setting up the chips, and a large number of visitors are socialising as they wait for the event to begin.


As the participants swallow shots and costly cocktails, Felicity’s prediction about the big spenders appears to be correct. Is this going to be the event that keeps Mac afloat?

Keeping your cards close to your chest is a good idea.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!” Felicity exclaims as she walks to the front of the room.

Ryder appears to have kept his job after all, as he stands behind the bar, serving drinks to the delighted gamblers.

“Here comes trouble,” he adds as she watches Tane and Felicity emerge from behind the curtain, now dressed differently. “It’s ridiculous how hot those two are.”

Tane and Felicity change their outfits several times throughout the promo, implying that the high-stakes event may take place over several days, allowing Mac the opportunity to make even more money.

And it appears to be doing exactly that as the tavern owner tallies the money behind the bar.

Is it, however, really that simple?

“Eat, drink, and play,” Tane says.

“Oh, I knew you couldn’t say no,” Felicity says.

“Admit it, this was a wonderful idea,” Felicity tells Mackenzie as they stand beside the bar, watching the activity.

“Are we a little bit of a card shark?” Felicity speaks seductively to her partner, and the new Parata patriarch appears to be doing well.

Tane says with a smile, “Just lucky.”

Could their arrogance, on the other hand, be ready to earn them enemies? Another player isn’t pleased with the duo, telling Tane angrily, “we’re waiting on you.”

Tane then makes a significant move.

He says, “All in,” as he places all of his chips in the middle of the table.

After Ari’s recent death, the Paratas face a challenging financial future, and while they still have the gym business to rely on, losing Ari means they’ll need all the support they can get.

Is Tane going to come out on top, or will he lose everything?

“It’s just a matter of understanding when to talk and when to listen,” Felicity says.

Is there anything she has up her sleeve to assist Tane out? Will those shenanigans enrage the wrong people?

As the on-screen lettering reads “A pact with the devil,” we hear a voice say “this isn’t quite legit!”

Then a mystery man approaches Mackenzie and whispers in her ear, “I guarantee you a $5,000 buy in.”

Mackenzie, who is in even more dire need of money than Tane, appears to be poised to make the biggest mistake of her life.

Is she going to lose everything?

Dean understands how dangerous it would be for Mackenzie to join the game.

He takes her outside for some fresh air and some tough words, asking her, “Do you know how dodgy this is?”

“Wishing you luck, because you’ll need it.”

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