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Neighbours theory: Clive Gibbons to exit before finale as secret life exposed

Neighbours theory: Clive Gibbons will leave before the conclusion as his secret life is revealed (Image: Channel 5)

Clive Gibbons, a NEIGHBORS mainstay, has recently been less involved in the action on the Channel 5 soap, but a fresh idea from suggests his return to the screen might be his final appearance on the programme.

On Neighbours, Clive (Geoff Paine) has been dating Jane Harris (Annie Jones) for the past year, and it appears like their relationship will never end. There is no chance that Shelia Canning (Colette Mann), who is now a resident of America, will jeopardise the happiness of the couple, but there might be something else in the works that will put an end to their relationship. As Jane’s kids investigate the Ramsay Street fixture of the Channel 5 soap opera, they might end up kicking him out if they learn what he has been keeping from their mother.

As newcomer Byron Stone (Joe Klocek), Jane’s wayward son, joins his family for dinner in the upcoming episodes, the drama starts.

Although he has never seen Clive before, he is startled when he thinks he recognises the man’s voice, which makes him question if the doctor is having an extramarital affair with his mother.

The fact that Byron is a gigolo has been kept a secret from his family, and he recognises the voice of the medical professional as someone who is familiar with his client Danielle.

He ends up becoming a detective since he needs to discover the connection between his client and his mother’s partner.

In order to learn some facts of her own, Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) is also acting as a detective at the same time. However, her brother will soon require her assistance.

Spoilers for “Neighbours”: Nicolette Stone and Byron, two of Jane Harris’ children, develop doubts about Clive (Image: Channel 5)

He tells Nicolette that they must determine whether Clive is cheating on Jane despite the fact that his secret may be revealed.

When he doesn’t seem to obtain the answers he needs, it is upsetting and makes him question the validity of the doctor’s allegations.

It appears they may get more details about Clive if the brother and sister put their differences aside for the benefit of their mother.

The soap veteran may be related to Danielle because she is his hidden wife and with whom he spends half of his time.

This could be the reason he isn’t as prominent as other characters since he needs to maintain his wife’s good reputation.

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