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16 Neighbours Easter Eggs in final episodes – did you spot them?


You can’t say that the cast of Neighbours lacks a sense of humour. The episodes have been filled with humorous inside jokes and historical allusions ever since the show’s cancellation was announced in February.

These 16 recent instances are some of the greatest. Have you found them all?

1. Recast Pierce

Tim Robards was chosen for the character when Pierce Greyson was required to return to Ramsay Street for the moving Hendrix storyline earlier this year instead of Don Hany, who had been replaced.

Chloe had a beef with Pierce over how he had acted on his previous visit, saying: “It was pure manipulation, with no thought for how it would make me feel. That is something I didn’t think you were capable of. It seems as though you were a totally different person.” He was!


2. The petition

Edward Skylover, a Neighbours superfan, started an internet petition to reconsider Channel 5’s decision when it was initially made public. More than 69,000 viewers signed it, but Channel 5 steadfastly refused to budge since it didn’t have enough Cash In The Attic (oops) to continue sponsoring Neighbours.

The Neighbours crew was obviously appreciative of the help, though, since Chloe mentioned Edward Skylover in a scene from April as the person in charge of selling Fashion Week livestream tickets at Lassiters.

“The buzz he’s generated is amazing,” Chloe gushed. She wasn’t mistaken.

3. Lucy recast banter

Famously, three different actresses—Kylie Flinker, Sasha Close, and Melissa Bell—performed the role of Lucy Robinson.


Glen recently said while perusing old photographs in the Ramsay Street history book, and he sounded just as perplexed as observers: “Does Lucy not adore a makeover? If I didn’t know any better, I’d assume that were three distinct individuals.”

4. Criticism of the program’s own retcons

If there is one thing that Neighbours fans hate, it is when the show’s past is changed to fit a new plot. Long-time viewers were irritated when the long-lost Ramsay siblings were introduced in 2009 because it undermined the established canon of the programme.

When it was discovered that the Tanaka twins were Paul Robinson’s children in 2016, the authors were at it again. Additionally, this broke the established continuity from earlier episodes that aired in the 1980s.

When Shane Ramsay remarked, “No matter how much I think about it, it makes no sense that my dad and your mum had an affair,” during a recent conversation with Paul, it seemed that he was alluding to the Ramsay retcon.


Paul answered: “It’s difficult to believe, I know. similar to when I learned about David and Leo.”

5. One Way Street

Amy just went on a blind date with Ben, an obsessive One Way Street superfan, and had to endure a cringe-inducing time with him. Before the start of the show, One Way Street was one of the initial potential titles for Neighbours.

One Way Street would soon come to an end, but Ben and the other “Street fighters” will continue to party until the bitter end.

In these sequences, Ben talked about everything from “the wedding” to “Dr. Ken,” and there were a tonne of subtle references to Neighbours throughout.

6. Bertha

David chose the name “Bertha” for the boat when he and Aaron set out on a cruise together just before the prison tale began.

This was a reference to Bertha the vehicle, a key character in ’80s episodes.


7. Death of Hendrix

Hendrix’s grieving wife Mackenzie held tenaciously to him on his hospital bed when he passed away a few weeks ago.

This scene brought to mind the passing of Daphne Clarke and Des’ response to it in 1988. The first recurring character to die on Neighbours was Daphne.

8. For Sale signs

The superfans who run the well-liked NeighBens account on Twitter kindly zoomed in on the For Sale signs when the majority of Ramsay Street was put up for sale this week.

It was discovered that the copywriting for each house had certain playful references that only aficionados would get. The “flexible bedroom possibilities” in number 26 is a tribute to the frequently perplexing bedroom arrangements in the homes on Ramsay Street. Where exactly does everyone sleep?

The “state of the art security system” was complimented by Number 24. This was considered to be a probable hint to the green fence that the actual owner of the house in Pin Oak Court had built outside, which had to be incorporated within the plots.

Additionally, Number 32 boasted about the “barely-used fireplace” in the living room, admitting that we have only recently seen the kitchen set at that residence.

Producer of the script Shane Isheev later tweeted: “Writing these with Alex Anderotti was SO MUCH FUN! We do bring up the missing living room at number 32, though.”

9. The Simpsons

Paul and Shane also made a funny reference to the past of Toadie’s house, Number 30.

The Simpson family originally resided in the home, although Paul noted that they “very much kept to themselves.”

The Simpson family lived at Number 30 in the late 1980s, therefore they are a part of the Street’s made-up past.

The family was never seen and somehow remained out of the tragedies that plagued the rest of Ramsay Street even though Neighbours was on our televisions at the time.

10. Must-watch drama

Before a teaser was used to hype up forthcoming events, Neighbours used to close each episode with a cast member yelling, “Unmissable drama!” The phrase was ultimately dropped because viewers would continuously tease the programme for the OTT promos.

Yashvi recently said, “Not the drama,” when asked if she missed Ramsay Street life. Surely a homage to the trailers?

11. Who is Lisa?

In a recent scenario, Harold was informed of the historical figures who had gotten in touch with him to offer contributions to the history book.

Harold was perplexed and said, “Who?” when Lisa Elliott was mentioned. This was a sneaky reference to a 1997 figure that was only briefly seen and little remembered.

12. Rose

Mike Young mentioned his ex-wife Rose when he arrived in Erinsborough.

Guy Pearce claimed that Kate Winslet, a major fan of Neighbours, inspired the name of this unknown figure. As course, Kate is well-known for her portrayal of Rose in the film Titanic.

13. Tom Oliver

Terese was depicted in the closing episode clutching an envelope bearing the name of her conveyancing attorney, T Oliver.

This was a tribute to Tom Oliver, a legendary Neighbours actor who portrayed Lou Carpenter from 1988 to 2016.

14. Ramsay Court

A humorous moment occurred when Sam pointed out that Ramsay Street is actually a court, not a street, as many people have pointed out throughout the years.

Mike joked: “That is an excellent point. No one has ever bothered to provide an explanation.”

15. UK fans

“Those who observed us from afar,” Susan said in her concluding monologue, “earned a spot in the Ramsay Street history book.”

This was a clear compliment to the show’s viewers, but it has been perceived as being especially directed at the devoted UK fan base who have adored watching from afar.

16. Shout-outs to fans

Several current characters were given names by script producer Shane Isheev in honour of superfans or members of their families.

admirer of One Way Street Ben, the injured Austin, Sam, the daughter of Mike, and Alan, Kiri’s father, were among the numerous characters named especially as homages to well-known fans.

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