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Neighbours star Lucinda Cowden responds to Toadie’s surprise proposal for Mel


Lucinda Cowden, star of Neighbours, spoke to Digital Spy about Toadie Rebecchi’s surprise proposal.

Melanie Pearson, Lucinda’s character, was surprised when Toadie unexpectedly proposed to her on Tuesday’s UK episode (June 14).

Toadie was moved by Melanie’s outpouring of support for the grieving Rebecchi family in the aftermath of Hendrix Greyson’s death.

Toadie spontaneously asked Melanie to marry him after realising she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.


“It’s such a terrible shock to everyone that Hendrix has gone, especially so soon after his wedding to Mackenzie,” Lucinda told Digital Spy exclusively about the story.

“Melanie and Toadie had just returned from a vacation in San Francisco, where Mel met Callum.

“Because it’s so startling, Melanie has been taking the burden off Toadie, who is having to comfort Mackenzie through it, which is extremely difficult.”

“Melanie has swooped in and taken care of the youngsters.” She has explained everything to them and is assisting them in any way she can.”


Melanie challenges Toadie’s motivations for proposing azab 500 and offers a counter-suggestion for their near-term future in Wednesday’s episode.

“Melanie believes the proposal is a kind of a knee-jerk reaction from the shock of the sorrow, really,” Lucinda added. It was very unexpected for her.

“Melanie had not anticipated it and was not prepared for it. She believes they should live together before getting married.

“It’s not like Melanie doesn’t care about Toadie. It’s not that she doesn’t want to marry him someday; it’s simply that she’s never considered it – and Toadie has been married several times!


“When Melanie does move in, there will be some issues concerning Sonya’s death.” So I believe Melanie and Toadie will need to take a few more steps before they arrive. That is the agreed-upon solution – they will move in together.”

Ben Turland and Georgie Stone, who play Hendrix and Mackenzie, respectively, were also praised by Lucinda for their recent performances.

“Filming Hendrix’s death tale was heartbreaking,” she remarked. Benny is adored by all of us. He’s a fantastic actor and a riot to be around. He’s terrific to work with and a lot of fun. I’ve always enjoyed working with him on scenes. When he went, he was missed.

“But what’s left is Georgie Stone’s great performance, who is just incredible throughout this.” She is a tremendously gifted performer.”

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