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Legendary Home and Away actor Ray Meagher, 77, reveals who he thinks will win the Gold Logie ahead of this year’s awards ceremony


Ray Meagher, the legendary Home and Away actor, has announced that he believes Hamish Blake will win the Gold Logie this year.

Ray, who is also up for the Gold award, told Sydney’s Confidential on Tuesday that he thought the Lego Masters host will win the prize.

‘This year, I honestly believe I’m making up the figures,’ he admitted to the outlet.

Sonia Kruger, Karl Stefanovic, Julia Morris, Melissa Leong, and Tom Gleeson are among Ray’s opponents.


Ray went on to remark that everyone on Home and Away put in a lot of effort this year, despite the fact that filming was difficult owing to covid.

‘Throughout the Covid period, everyone has worked really hard, and for our play to be nominated six times is absolutely great,’ he said.

He told the publication, “It is a reflection of everyone in the cast and crew.”

Ray is one of the industry’s most tenured actors, having appeared in every season of Home and Away since its inception in 1988.


Ray stated of his nomination, which was announced on May 15, “It felt really fantastic but it’s also a bit of a surprise.”

Ray was previously awarded a Gold Logie in 2010.

‘When I got it, I kind of assumed my golden days were finished 12 years ago.’

‘I don’t think of myself as a Gold Logie nominee. There are always more deserving individuals.’


Ray recently discussed the drawbacks of acting.

In a recent Telegraph interview, he claimed, “When I was younger as a freelance actor, I questioned whether I’d be able to feed myself, let alone anyone else.”

‘It’s a strange old job, very insecure, and employment-wise, it’s a fairly questionable old profession.’

Ray is a stepfather to his wife Gilly’s 40-year-old daughter Rebecca.

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