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Neighbours star Ben Turland responds to Hendrix Greyson’s huge new storyline


Ben Turland has revealed the first details of Hendrix Greyson’s major new narrative.

Hendrix learned of his life-threatening lung ailment on Thursday’s UK show (May 5).

Dr Sian Caton, portrayed by Esther Anderson from Home and Away, told Hendrix he has sarcoidosis, an inflammatory illness that attacks the lungs and causes coughing.

This is called pulmonary fibrosis. Hendrix now requires a lung transplant to live.


Ben told Digital Spy about the emotional plot: “I was pulled into the office and informed this was going to be a significant storyline.

“It’s been a pleasure to take it on and explore it alongside everyone.

“The fire at Erinsborough High, where he saved Mackenzie, caused Hendrix’s illness. This caused pulmonary fibrosis.

“Now we’re really getting into the plot. It’s been fun.”


The news will impact Hendrix’s connection with Mackenzie in the coming days. Hendrix confides in the Kennedys, Chloe Brennan, and David Tanaka.

Ben went on: “Hendrix has spent the last few months assisting Mackenzie greatly. Hendrix simply wants to be there for Mackenzie.

“So now I’m working with Georgie [Stone, who portrays Mackenzie] on how they’d cope with this with their friends and families.

“It’s been fun to see their devotion, but also their dread and worry over Hendrix’s condition.


“Hendrix has a chance. He’s been informed he needs a lung transplant to live, but it’s a gamble for him.”

Next week, the Rodwells move to Ramsay Street.

Sadie Rodwell and Aubrey Laing set the fire, which triggers Hendrix.

Added Ben: “Hendrix is unsure how he’ll react when the Rodwells move in. He wants a normal life with Mackenzie. He doesn’t want to think about his illness.

“His illness was caused by Sadie, who has recently moved in next door, so he can’t really avoid it. They remind him of his condition and what happened to him.

This illness and the recollection of what happened is a tremendous battle in Hendrix’s thoughts.


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