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Channel 5 planning more Australia-filmed dramas after Neighbours axing


Although Channel 5 has cancelled the long-running Neighbours, it still has plans for further Australian programming.

In case you missed it, after 37 years on the air, Neighbours will come to an end in early August. After leaving the BBC in 2008, Channel 5 became its new home.

While this is a disappointment for those who enjoy their daily travels to Erinsborough, it appears that there will be plenty of new Australian programming on the channel in the future years.

Daniel Monaghan, Senior Vice President, Programming and Content at Network 10, told TV Tonight that the last show 10 did with Channel 5 was not a one-off.


“We did Lie with Me last year,” he continued, “but there are three more in the works, all of which are being shot in Australia.”

He went on to say that Channel 5 intends to produce more dramas “”Lie with Me” stars a British actress from EastEnders and is set in Australia but features British characters. Because it was more of a hybrid, that meant something to them.”

Charlie Brooks, who recently re-joined EastEnders as Janine Butcher, was the previous lead; only time will tell whether the next one will be led by another UK soap star.

Brett Tucker, who played Daniel Fitzgerald on Neighbours, and Phoebe Roberts, who presently plays Freya, joined Charlie on the show.


Another Walford star, Danny Dyer, is rumoured to have already signed on the dotted line for a main part, according to The Sun.

“The investment they would make in a few of series is nothing like the commitment they would require to generate 260 episodes of Neighbours,” Beverley McGarvey, Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer of Paramount ANZ, said when asked why the network couldn’t just keep Neighbours instead.

In the case of Neighbours, the show is currently in its final week of filming and will finish up production on Friday.

On August 1, Channel 5 will broadcast the grand finale.


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