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Neighbours finale ratings revealed as the soap goes out on a high


Yesterday, July 29, the final episode of Neighbours aired on UK television, capping a remarkable 37-year run.

Fans were moved to tears by the show’s dramatic finale, which went above and above to end on a high note by bringing back beloved characters to give them the proper send-off.

And now it has been discovered that over 2.5 million viewers (17 percent of the audience share) watched the finale when it aired on Channel 5 in the UK, making it the programme with the highest rating there since 2008. It was also the third-highest rated episode of the programme since it found a home on Channel 5.

The last 30 minutes, which included Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan’s much awaited return, ended up winning the terrestrial time slot, outpacing all other channels.


With 0.8 million (16.1 percent) at 1.45 pm and 0.7 million (6.6 percent) at 6 pm, the daytime show that preceded the finale also did quite well.

The show also received its highest rating in 13 years as a result of saying farewell to its Australian viewers a day earlier on July 28.

With 1.2 million viewers nationwide (the norm is 100,000), the finale exceeded all expectations and became the most watched episode of the show since 2009.

It was revealed earlier this year that Neighbours would end after almost 40 years on television. Additionally, despite a strong fan movement to keep the show alive, it was unsuccessful.


Fans were happy with the way Ramsey Street inhabitants ultimately shut their doors, and the conclusion was a celebration of nostalgia and an amazing legacy.

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